Shipping container homes are all the rage these days. They’re cheap and easy to build, plus they can be customized in any way you want. However, finding an available shipping container home can be difficult—until now.

After scouring the Internet for hours to find these 10 fantastic shipping container homes. I’ve found that they’re all ready to go.

1. Giant Containers (Toronto, Brooklyn, LA, Miami, Shanghai)

Giant Containers is the first option on our list of shipping container homes. Certainly, this prefabricated home can be shipped anywhere and assembled in as little as five days.

It’s made from a shipping container with an insulated interior, and some exterior, walls made from high-quality fiberboard panels.

Giant Containers offer homes in various sizes, shapes, and applications. To sum up, Giant Containers come in various colors. These include, white, gray, or red; two finishes—textured or smooth, and many others. And also, four layouts—single or double bed, desk & chair, sofa bed & wardrobe, or kitchenette & wardrobe.

2. Pin-Up Houses’ Eco-Cabins (The Netherlands)

The Eco-Cabin is a modern take on the shipping container home. Built from recycled shipping containers, each Eco-Cabin is modular and can be customized to your personal needs and design preferences.

Pin-Up Houses offers two versions of their Eco-Cabins. This includes the standard version comes with an average size of 8′ x 20′ and six standard lengths (40″ to 96″). If you need something bigger or smaller, there’s also an option for custom sizing. In essence, this is to ensure your containers fit perfectly together.

The eco-friendly homes are available in three color schemes (natural, black/grey, and silver). And so you can pick the one that best suits your style.

3. Box Home by Contain Yourself (Ireland)

The Box Home by Contain Yourself is a modular, prefab shipping container home made from a single 20-foot shipping container. It’s insulated, waterproof, and fireproof.

And it’s made of sustainable materials—the company uses steel to minimize its carbon footprint.

The Box Home is pocket friendly for all. That is from $40,000 for a basic model to $60,000 if you want more space or luxury finishes. For instance, an extra bedroom or bathroom.

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4. NOEM’s Modular, Prefab Shipping Container Homes (Spain)

NOEM’s modular, prefab shipping container homes are customizable and affordable. You can choose from several different floor plans or customize your own. This is an ideal option if you’re looking for a small home that won’t break the bank.

These modular shipping container homes are durable enough to withstand severe weather conditions without suffering damage. The company also offers its customers a 25-year warranty on each product.

5. Bob’s Containers “The Joshua” Model (Texas)

A prefabricated house made from 40′ shipping container, the Joshua Model is a simple design that can be built in various configurations.

In this particular design, the container has several openings. With this intention, the home is easy to navigate and has plenty of natural light.

The outside is filled with wood accents, and the inside walls are painted in neutral tones for a clean look.

The Joshua Model is made from recycled shipping containers. So it’s not only sustainable but also an affordable option for those on a budget. You can order one for yourself today. Prices for this particular model start from $79,590. Also, not that Bob’s Containers offer cheaper alternatives.

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7. Custom Container Living (Missouri)

Located in Kansas City, Mo., Custom Container Living offers luxury prefabricated homes that use shipping containers as the building blocks. They’re also modular and sustainable.

In addition, the home can be customized to suit your needs and comes in various sizes. Firstly, the Studio (with/without a loft), secondly, a one bedroom (with or without loft. And also they have a two and three bedroom houses, not forgetting commercial and bunkhouses.

The one bedroom plus loft starts from $96,800.

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7. Connex Custom Builds (Florida)

Connex Custom Builds manufactures modular homes that can be shipped anywhere worldwide. In brief, they build offices from 20 feet containers starting at $20,000, while 40 feet start at $35,000. Their one bed/one bath homes start at $30,000.

8. Honomobo’s HO4+ and HO5+ Container Homes (US, Canada)

Honomobo has two different container home models available for purchase. The HO4+ is a 4-story container home, while the HO5+ is a 5-story container home. Both are modular homes that can be customized to fit your needs.

What’s more, Honomobo’s shipping container homes can be ordered in any size you need and with any number of stories you want. So if you’re looking for something smaller or larger than these examples, they’ll happily accommodate your needs. Then again, the starting prices for a two-bed, one-bath, 680 feet house is $210,150.

9. Sea Box Homes’ Container Units (Australia)

Sea Box Homes is a modular home company that builds multi-story homes using shipping containers as the base. Also, there are several styles of Sea Box homes to choose from, each with its unique features.

These include, The Mini, which is one story with an upstairs loft for sleeping and storage space. The Two Story Cabin, which can be seen from their website, which has two stories and an open floor plan on both levels.

To conclude, the Artist’s Studio includes a studio space on the bottom level. With this in mind, you’ll realize that it’s ideal for artists. They also have a kitchen/living room area on top.

10. Nova Deko’s Modular Homes (Australia, China)

The Nova Deko Modular Home is a spacious, modern house with three different floor plans and built-in features.

The smallest size has two bedrooms and 1,600 square feet of living space, costing $125,800 to build.

If you want something more extensive—and you’re willing to pay—the most expensive model will cost $231,000. As can be seen, this has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two carports.

Notice that these homes are built using high-quality materials like steel framing and windows as well as thick insulation for insulation that lasts for years. Important to realize, this is without any maintenance required on your part beyond regular cleaning.

You can also customize your home by adding things like an attic or garage conversion kit if they prove helpful later on down the road when you need extra storage space or parking spots outside your home.

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Shipping Container Homes

Container homes are fast becoming popular in urban areas where space is at a premium. Not to mention that they’re sustainable and cost-effective to build.

Shipping Container Home Designs

There are many things to consider when looking for a shipping container home design. Particularly, shipping containers can be used for many purposes and come in many shapes and sizes.

Surprisingly, not all shipping containers are rectangular, some may have rounded corners or other features affecting their architectural design.

Must be remembered, when designing your dream container home, it should suit your needs and complement your lifestyle.

Homes Made From Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are a great way to build a home. In effect, they’re robust, durable, and cheap. In particular, shipping containers are easy to transport and convert into homes worldwide.

Small Shipping Container Home

If you want to build a small shipping container home, here are the steps:

  • First, decide what size small shipping container house you want to make. Smaller places are easier to develop and require less money and materials than larger ones.

They also take up less space on your property. Which means they’re not as likely to offend neighbors or block out sunlight for neighboring houses. Especially if you live in an area where neighbors are close together, like New York City or San Francisco.

  • Choose the type of small shipping container house design that fits your needs and wants best. And then look for plans for that design online or ask an architect to help you create one from scratch.
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Here are some FREE CONTAINER HOME HOUSE PLANS that you can check out.

Shipping Container Homes for Sale

Shipping container homes for sale can be found worldwide, but they’re made with many different materials. The most popular option is to have a shipping container home built out of shipping containers.

This is because they’re sturdy and dependable. But they look great when stacked together in a row or even layered on top of each other.

Shipping container homes are great for many reasons:

1. First, They’re Cheap to buy

A fairly new shipping container will cost around $2,000-$3,000. In short, this is dependent on where you live and how much space you need inside it (around 20x8x8 feet).

Older models can be purchased for less than that. Plus, if you want something less conventional like an aqua blue color, these will typically cost more. Basically, the cost is because it’s a custom order. Custom because it’s not a readily available off-the-shelf products like traditional houses.

2. Shipping Container Homes are Easy to Build

Shipping containers were designed specifically with ease of construction, so making one from scratch isn’t too hard either. Most important, we would advice you seek the help of experts if you’re totally clueless.

Converting Shipping Containers Into Homes is the new Cool Thing

As you might already know, the world is facing severe environmental problems. Though it may not be the most popular opinion, the solution to these issues can be found in the simplest of things — recycling.

One way to reduce your carbon footprint is by building with shipping containers. Surprisingly, they are easily accessible and cheap enough for anyone to buy them.

Another advantage of building with shipping containers is their durability. After all, they have to withstand long-term storage and transportation without breaking or losing any structural integrity. And so they’re tough enough for your home projects.

Shipping containers even make great foundations. There’s no need for concrete blocks or footings since the steel walls make an excellent foundation base.

If anything needs reinforcing below (such as plumbing), just bolt on some extra beams from above–it’s easy as pie.

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Useful Container Homes Resources and Companies

Shipping container homes may be the wave of the future. But until recently, they were mostly relegated to small spaces like shipping containers or expensive waterfront homes.

Now, several companies are offering custom-built container homes that are customizable and available for purchase. Here are some of the companies or websites that are useful to container homes:

Modular Home Source

This California-based company sells manufactured and site-built homes in various styles. The company will also help you find an architect or designer if you need one.

Container Living

This British Columbia-based company offers pre-designed container homes and kits that can be shipped anywhere in North America. offers 20 different models of container homes, ranging from $30,000 to $160,000. The company has been selling these homes for almost 30 years and has built thousands across the country. In fact, you can order online or visit a showroom in Fort Worth, Texas.

ModCab offers 36 steel cabins that can be shipped anywhere in North America within two weeks. Prices start at $27,500 for a 320-square-foot cabin with a lofted sleeping area. Also, $37,000 for a 500-square-foot model with two lofts. ModCab is based in Ontario but will ship elsewhere if requested by clients.

Affordable Container Homes

Here are some affordable container homes that you could get.

1. Modcube

The Modcube is a container home that you can rent or buy. It comes in two sizes, one being 20 feet and the other being 40 feet long.

The 20-foot version has one bedroom and one bathroom, while the 40-foot version has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. In particular, the design is made so that it can be easily moved around.

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This in turn makes it perfect for people who want to live in different places throughout their lives. Additionally, it also works well for those who want to move around with their businesses.

Container Home

At this point, we understand that a container home is a prefabricated house made from steel containers for easy assembly and disassembly. It makes it perfect for those who want to move around often or take their homes with them on vacation.

The house has all the appliances needed inside. And so all you have to do is hook up utilities and start living.

Best Container or Modular Homes You can Order

The best container homes are made from high-quality materials and designed to be energy efficient. Here are five of the best container home designs:

1. Tumbleweed House

Tumbleweed House offer a modular design that allows them to be assembled anywhere in just one day.

They have installed electrical wiring and plumbing. In addition, they can be configured to include several different amenities such as solar panels and composting toilets.

The interior consists of two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchenette. These then open into an open living area with vaulted ceilings. The entire structure measures about 720 square feet (68 square meters).

2. The Container Home by James Law Cybertecture

This modern home offers a unique and comfortable living space. It has been designed with sustainability in mind. What’s more, this means that it is eco-friendly and can be easily transported to different locations.

3. The Big Green Box by Jun Aoki Architectural Design Studio

This is another fantastic container house design made using recycled materials. It features a contemporary design with a spacious interior. Without a doubt, this makes it perfect for those who want to live in style without compromising on comfort.

4. The Container Home by Sander Marechal Architecture Studio

This is another excellent choice for eco-friendly homes that are easy to maintain and move around quickly when needed.

The home has been designed efficiently, so you can expect it to be comfortable and functional.

5. The Container House by HemingwayDesigns

As can be seen, this is another excellent container home design. This design offers a fascinating look while still being practical and functional at the same time.

The home features four bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office room, and open-plan living areas. This makes it ideal for families or couples who want a spacious yet cozy place to live in.

6. The Cracked Box

The Cracked Box is a designer container home located in the Netherlands. It was built by architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars and his team at JAR Design. These guys specialize in transforming and reusing shipping containers to create unique homes, offices, shops, and other buildings.

The Cracked Box was designed for a private client. Undoubtedly, a private client who wanted an elegant yet straightforward home with plenty of natural light.

The result is a modern-looking structure with some surprising features that make it stand out from other container homes.

The Cracked Box consists of two shipping containers stacked on top of each other, with an open balcony between them.

The upper container serves as a bedroom and lounge area, while the lower houses the kitchen and dining room.

7. Cargotecture

This New York City-based company builds custom homes using pre-fabricated steel modules made onsite at its factory in Brooklyn. It also offers design services. Also, they will work with architects or designers to create a home that matches your style and needs.

It’s now Possible to buy a Container Home With one Click!

You can buy a shipping container home with one click. Maybe you want to live in an off-the-grid cabin, or perhaps you’d like to build a home for your family on a property without services.

Either way, we’ve got you covered. We can also deliver the container to your site and assemble it for you.

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So, if you need a new home and want to try something different, why not consider buying a shipping container home?

There are plenty of options out there for you to choose from. Options that will allow you to live on the cheap while also giving back to the environment.