When choosing solar companies, it’s not just about the product. Many factors go into deciding which company you select — location/cost, customer service, and reputation. So as you have probably learned by now, many factors affect your choice of solar companies – including how their products function and operate. Or how reputable their name is.

More enterprises and government institutions are also turning from solar to self-contained power systems to encourage on-site energy reserves. To that end, here are the top 15 solar energy companies in the United States right now.

Some are relatively young, while others have been involved with solar technology plus construction for over 30 years.


This company truly qualifies as a pioneer in the solar leasing market in the United States. They both provide leases and financing, although they are not mutually exclusive. This concept enabled Sungevity to expand its solar offerings in underdeveloped areas by supporting satellite distribution plus installation companies around its brand identity.

Their lease has proven popular in residential, PPA, and commercial sectors. In fact, their other services have helped them establish a strong and consistent presence inside the traditional market, encompassing government and non-profit requirements.

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Best US Solar Companies – Solarcity

The following company on the list is one of the biggest urban solar installation firms in the United States. What distinguishes SolarCity in the industry is that it also operates its manufacturing section.

Although they primarily work with homeowners, they can also provide government and non-profit purchase, lease, and PPA programs because their panels may be manufactured to match the order.

Their installation plus financing capabilities also contribute to SolarCity being one of the best firms to work with when getting started with solar in your house or company.

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Verengo Solar

Based on market share, this company has risen to become one of the top three residential solar installation providers in the United States. It has done so effectively that there is speculation that it is currently seeking buyers.

Verengo Solar, which focuses on the residential market, has reportedly delivered over 12,000 solar units in homes since its inception. It welcomes those just starting to explore the solar lifestyle but does well with commercial and industrial clients.

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Best Solar Companies in the US – Sunpower

SunPower creates a simplified solar system by combining advanced solar panels with in-house components. To customize your system, it includes four-panel options, a method for battery storage, and various electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

SunPower offers a 25-year warranty on all of its solar devices. This includes all solar system components, storage or recharging add-ons, and necessary maintenance. Though SunPower’s solar panels are more expensive than those of other businesses, they are some of the most productive available.

SunPower has been committed to developing revolutionary solar technologies, such as its elevated monocrystalline solar panels, since 1985. Not to mention, in 2020, the firm separated its panel manufacturing operations from Maxeon Solar Technologies.

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SunPower has continued to create solar goods, such as mounts, micro inverters, batteries, and software. PV Magazine awarded the company the 2019 Environmental Award for “excellent sustainability leadership mostly in the solar industry.”

SunPower got the Good Housekeeping 2022 Home Remodeling Award in the category of Biggest Energy Savers in 2022. The award was given to the company for its revolutionary SunVault energy storage technology.


Sunrun has four distinct financing options: monthly leases, full-amount leases, monthly loans, and full-system purchases. This solar company is unusual in that it provides complete service to all its customers, regardless of their financing options.

Leasing arrangements include full-service protection against damage, loss, and degradation. In particular, if your system’s efficiency drops, Sunrun will repair it for free. In particular, these features are available to loan and total purchase customers via an additional Protection Plus subscription service.

Sunrun has serviced over 100,000 clients across the country since 2007. It has retail ties with national companies, including Best Buy, Comcast, and Costco. DroneDeploy’s 2022 Guardian of Safety Award was given to the company for utilizing drone technology in its site assessments.

Sunrun was acknowledged by Comparably with 14 awards in 2021 and 2022. Not to mention, it has received numerous awards, including Best CEOs for Diversity in 2022, Best Company Culture in 2021, and Best Choice for Women for two consecutive years.

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Best Solar Companies – Oneroof Energy

OneRoof Energy, one of the newest companies on the market, was launched in 2011. They do not manufacture or sell solar modules, panels, or components; instead, they act as a customized leasing agent for other companies.

 The benefit for their businesses is that this has enabled them to carve out using a niche in leased solutions and components, allowing businesses and residential consumers to take full advantage of industry discounts. They can also deliver solar access to underserved areas through negotiated access.

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Rgs Energy

Authentic Goods Solar has a division called RGS Energy. Genuine Goods Solar is the fifth-largest residential solar panel company in the United States. In fact, their RGS Power division is their most recent invention for bringing their products to additional homes, businesses, and PPA clients.

They provide leases as well as financing. Above all, RGS has been servicing consumers for over 35 years and is regarded as a pioneer in making solar Energy a practical option for residential homes and businesses.

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PetersenDean was founded in 1984 and has been a critical leader and developer in the US solar energy business ever since. They provide roofing services as well as solar installation. The solar aspect is a relatively fresh addition to their divisions.

However, their long history in roofing has given them an advantage in understanding what diverse markets require to make solar energy profitable. They specialize in residential work, but they also perform commercial and federal projects.

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Best Solar Companies – Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar follows closely behind PetersenDean. They don’t have a roofing division, but they do have home security and automation divisions. Additionally, Vivint Solar, like PetersenDean, have entered the solar sector by leveraging their experience of commercial and residential needs.

 In 2013, they were ranked second in the country for solar installation. They install and lease products and sell components but perform no in-house production. All in all, they serve residential, commercial, and government clients through direct sales, leasing, and PPA agreements.

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Green Home Systems

GreenHouse Systems provides high-quality traditional residential solar systems and sophisticated solar roof shingles and tiles.

Green Home Systems offers cutting-edge solar roof tiles and shingles. Solar roofs function similarly to solar panels but fit in with the style of your roof. In essence, the shingle and tile solutions from Green Home are long-lasting, watertight, and wind-resistant. They are directly fitted on your existing top.

Traditional, high-efficiency solar panels are also available, with a 25-year product warranty. Its solar tiles have a 10-year output warranty, while its solar shingles have a 25-year warranty. Both roofing options come with a 10-year inverter warranty and a 10-year wind warranty that ensures durability in winds up to 110 mph.

Green Home Systems is among the youngest companies, having been in the solar market for only five years. It takes pleasure in offering solar products and accessories made in the United States. Green Home Systems is a SolarEdge and Enphase-certified company. In addition, the organization works as Platinum installers with LG Solar.

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Best Solar Companies – Elevation

Elevation offers energy-saving solutions for the entire home. The company creates unique solar panel systems and provides an Energy Saving package to detect and correct air leaks, inadequate insulation, and other energy-sucking concerns.

Elevation conducts all repairs in-house, using specially trained operations and installation teams. You can also use its Curb Power monitoring system to monitor your energy consumption in real-time.

Elevation endorses its solar systems using the 25-year product and artistry guarantees. Another key point, a solar battery or electric vehicle (EV) charger is included in the installation. Elevation systems can be purchased outright or with a solar loan.

The Elevation has been focused on providing homeowners with a comprehensive energy efficiency experience since 2015. In 2019, 2020, and 2021, the company got the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Home Performance using Energy Star: Associate of the Year award.

The Phoenix Business Journal’s Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) Awards awarded Elevation the 2019 Innovator of the Year. In particular, at the 14th annual Stevie Awards for Selling & Customer Service in 2020, the company got a Silver Stevie Award, mostly in Customer Satisfaction Strategy category.

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Trinity Solar

Trinity Solar has served consumers for decades, beginning as a heating and air firm in 1994 and moving to solar in 2004. The company provides high-quality solar systems using panels from Q Cells, among the industry’s leading manufacturers. It also offers solar storage alternatives from Generac or Tesla, and all installations are handled in-house.

Trinity Solar provides four payment options, each with its warranty. Customers who buy a solar system get a 5-year artistry guarantee. Those who choose a lease receive artistry coverage until the conclusion of their contract. Regardless of the financing plan selected, all installations provide a 25-year equipment warranty.

Trinity Solar, with over 1,900 employees plus 77,000 customers, is the biggest privately held household solar installation firm in the United States. As a matter of fact, Trinity Solar collaborates with non-profit groups to assist them in collecting funds and offers free installations to its members.

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Best US Solar Company -Tesla

Tesla makes and installs its very own solar panels around the country. Their low-profile panels have little or no noticeable solar cells and fit flawlessly with your roof. Not to mention, based on your house address and an average utility bill, the firm provides online solar panel quotes in under a minute.

In addition to typical solar systems, Tesla provides a solar roof, which replaces your existing roof with solar-energy-generating tiles. It also has a Tesla Powerwall solar battery.

Tesla Energy was founded in 2003 as a division of Tesla, Inc., a global leader in automobile production and electric car technologies. The firm introduced the Tesla Powerwall, one of the most renowned solar batteries on the market. Tesla Energy’s solar technology has expanded to include solar panels, Tesla Solar Roof, and the Tesla Inverter.

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Palmetto Solar

Palmetto Solar gives comprehensive solar installation and maintenance. It also includes an online tool that calculates your predicted solar energy savings.

Palmetto Solar has several customer service methods, including phone, email, plus online chat. Its Palmetto Protect package includes proactive monitoring and discounts on solar panel maintenance and pest control services. Non-customers can also purchase this plan.

Palmetto Solar has grown since its inception in 2010 to assist homeowners and businesses in switching to solar Energy. In the 2022 issue of Solar Power World, the firm was named the Most Forward-Thinking Contractor. The company received a Power Partner Award from Inc. the same year. Palmetto’s Get Solar, Offer Solar program likewise attempts to bring solar energy to disadvantaged regions.

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Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar offers reliable systems with a 25-year warranty, a 10-year artistry warranty, and a two-year production guarantee. The company will upgrade your plan for free if it fails to meet its energy production estimates.

Customers can pay for their system in full or select the BluePower+ loan, which provides 18 months of free solar Energy with no up-front costs. The first five years of the loan payments are locked into a fixed rate through the company was started in 2014 in Orem, Utah.

 Seven years later, at the 19th yearly American Business Honors, it garnered two awards. In the big energy categories, the company received a Gold Stevie Award for Energy Sector Innovation of the Year and the Company of the Year.

Blue Raven Solar was named one of the state’s fastest-growing firms for the fourth time in a row in the Utah Business Magazine’s annual Fast 50 Awards in 2022. Blue Raven was also named to the Inc. 5000 list for the third year in 2021.SmartStart program.

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The solar industry is booming, and the need for reliable, safe, and affordable solar companies in the US has never been more critical. Choosing the right solar company could take time and effort. Fortunately, there are plenty of them out there. And a lot of them are actually in your backyard.

You must shop around and get a good idea of what services each solar company provides. The best method to do that is to talk to others who have already used their service.

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