All about affordable homes, solar, and wind energy

An engineering firm who’s focus is on the construction of affordable homes, installation of solar power, and wind energy to homes and businesses.

Our commitment towards SDGs

Wind power for off grid homes clean energy production

Our vision

To be the number one provider of green solutions.

A construction worker pouring concrete while building a home

Our mission

Build it quick, affordable, and green.

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Our values

(CELI) Consistency, Efficiency, Loyalty, Integrity.

The three pillars that drive our philosophy


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Use of available resources

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Fast turnaround time

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Blueprint of an affordable building ready to be constructed

More than an engineering firm.

I am a practicing engineer who blogs. I run an engineering firm — Ishibox Limited — and write about my day to day encounters in the engineering field of affordable homes, solar power, and wind power, among other related engineering fields.