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Biogas Digester: Here Are The Best Cost Estimates

A biogas digester is a seasoned, time-tested technology. They use sludge, manure, and other organic waste to generate methane (natural gas) fuel. Nobody doubts their technological prowess. However, the question of their economic benefits remains unanswered. How much economic sense do anaerobic digesters make in terms of dollars and cents? Consider whether the project is […]

A man pouring food waste into the biogas digester

How can I make a simple biogas digester at home?

The biogas digester is an efficient way to utilize biodegradable kitchen and garden waste. But, it’s expensive to buy.  You can build a simple biogas digester at home yourself. Making a biogas digester at home can be a fun do-it-yourself project. It will turn your kitchen scraps and yard waste into free, carbon-neutral fuel. Here […]

Total amount of gas a bio-digester can produce

Total Amount Of Useful Gas A Bio-digester Can Produce

Today we look into the total amount of useful gas that a bio-digester can produce. We all know that a bio-digester is awesome. It uses natural processes to break down garbage, thereby releasing gas. This gas is then captured, cleaned, and put to good use. An average household can use this gas for cooking and heating […]

A photo of a large scale biogas plant

Biogas: The Good And The Not-So-Good Part You Need To Know

Everybody is on edge when it comes to biogas and our environment. The debate around global warming, greenhouse gases, and wind power rages everywhere.  But this discussion does not show up much because it’s more of an industrial issue. There are many several factors to consider when looking at this topic. Today, we’ll take a […]

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The Best Amount Of Gas A Biodigester Can Give You

Biogas is a renewable and sustainable energy that can be created from organic waste. It is produced by anaerobic digestion. Getting the best amount of gas from a biodigester is not hard to do. In fact, with a few simple steps at the beginning, you’ll see how easy it is. Biogas is a source of […]