A modern energy efficient home

Here Are The Best 15 Energy-Efficient Homes and Costs 

We all want to save money, right? Of course, we do. But how can you be sure that the projects you’re doing around your home save you money and energy?  However, if you have the same idea, you’ve probably been skeptical in the past about how much energy a solar panel system can genuinely save […]

A sample of container roofing

How to Select a Perfect Roof for Your Shipping Container Home

It is an essential step in container home building to select a roof for your new home. A container roof will protect all in your family from the elements.  Choosing the appropriate roof for your container is not a decision to be taken lightly.  You need a roof that protects you, where do find the […]

A photo of a net-zero house

Cost To Build A Good Net-Zero Energy Home 

For most families, the cost of building a net-zero energy home is a big investment business. But have you ever wondered how much such homes costs?  Building a net-zero energy home is your dream when you care about the environment. It is also important if you want to save money on utility bills.  Let’s explore […]

Solar batteries being charged for later use.

Solar Battery: How to Get Started Smoothly

Solar energy is a renewable energy source that’s growing in popularity. There are a lot of places that are now making use of solar energy. It’s not just because of the environmental benefits, and what is a solar panel without a solar battery? Solar power is cheaper, especially if you install suitable solar batteries and […]

A home in New York with a swimming pool in the front

Are Shipping Container Homes Legal In New York?

Sustainability is a hot topic as many container home enthusiasts are looking for affordable and eco-friendly alternatives to building a new home. That’s where shipping container homes in New York come into play.  Shipping containers provide a unique source of construction materials you can use to build beautiful homes. Many people opt to rent an […]