A technician fixing a solar inverter

Easy Definition Of A Solar Inverter, And Its Working Principle

A solar inverter is an indispensable part of a solar energy system. The system can’t work properly without a functioning inverter due to the necessity of changing the current from DC to AC. Most household appliances and office equipment use AC, so having all the power you have generated as DC may not be helpful. […]

how to size your solar system

How To Do Solar System Sizing For Your Home

Solar system sizing refers to the process of determining the size of the solar system that would meet your energy needs. There are many factors on how to figure out solar system size. Before we get into the factors, a solar system has different components like any other system. These components contribute to the overall […]

solar power farm

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Energy You Didn’t Know About

If interested in switching to solar energy, it is integral that you understand the scope of your investment before you begin. It is clear that solar energy is noble for the environment. You should therefore invest some time in getting acquainted with its pros and some natural cons that it could present when you begin […]