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The Best Florida Container Home Builders

If you’re looking to build a new container home in Florida, then you need the best Florida container home builders. You will find a myriad of dwelling options to choose from. However, one of the most innovative alternatives can be a prefabricated house located in Florida.

If you’re looking for nothing but the best, why not look into brand-new homes made from shipping containers? These are built through an extensive construction process, making them both safe and environmentally friendly. Several sustainable and green characteristics come with these new houses.

Best Container Home Builders In Florida 

Here are the four best shipping container home builders in Florida that you can contact to get your affordable home build going.

Containers In Motion

Containers in Motion are Florida-based container home builders. They’ve been building container homes for a wide range of clients, from residential to commercial. They can build any type of container home you want.

Containers in Motion has a wide range extensive range of clients, including residential and commercial projects. They have experience in everything from building storage units to constructing office buildings. They’ve also built rental properties and vacation homes.

Suppose there’s something you need that you think would be better served by using a shipping container instead of another material. In that case, Containers in Motion can help you get started on your project today!

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Giant Container Home

This company operates in Toronto with an office in Florida. It is among the industry leader and one of the world’s best shipping container home builders.

Giant Container is a leader in custom-design container homes, supplying efficient containers and top-notch home designers. They are credible with skills and experience in designing and building efficient container homes.

Giant Containers offers several services, including prefabricated containers, custom fabricated containers, modular housing systems, modular construction, modular homes, modular office space, and commercial storage units. You can contact them online if you want a simple, prefab container home.

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Movable Roots

Another Florida container home builders is Movable Roots. Movable Roots is a company that builds all kinds of shipping container houses. They help you no matter what kind of design you want. They do amazing things to containers with relative simplicity. Movable roots can help you to create something beautiful.

They have been building homes for years and know what it takes to make it happen. They are not limited by their construction methods and know how to use them to their advantage.

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Ecotainer Concept

Ecotainer Concept is a container home builder in Florida that uses shipping containers to build eco-friendly homes. They have a strong dedication to the simplicity of container homes, and they appreciate the eco-friendly nature of container homes. Ecotainer Concept could be an excellent choice for you if you want to make your container home.

Ecotainer Concept greatly understands the importance of using shipping containers for building eco-friendly houses. They take proper care in ensuring that their client’s needs are met and give them what they want in terms of size, design, and cost.

Ecotainer Concept is one of Florida’s best container home builders because they ensure their client’s needs are met. They offer detailed designs based on clients’ preferences, so they can get exactly what they want from their new house. Because of this dedication to customer satisfaction, Ecotainer Concept is known as one of the best container home builders in Florida.

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Florida Container Home Laws

You need a permit to put a shipping container on your property. You will need a permit for the shipping container home from the City of Tampa Building Inspection department.

The process varies depending on whether or not you have existing construction and what type of building you plan to build. Suppose you are building a new home and don’t already have existing construction. In that case, you will apply for a building permit as if it were any other structure. If you already have existing construction, then you would apply for an alteration permit since this is technically an alteration to your existing structure.

However, in order for a container home to be considered legal, it must meet all local building codes and zoning requirements. This includes having adequate ventilation, insulation, and fire protection systems. 

A qualified inspector must inspect the containers themselves before they can be used as part of the home. If you’re considering building a container house, make sure you understand what’s required and that your plans are up to code.

If you want to use a shipping container as part of your home, check with your local building department first. They’ll tell you if it’s allowed and provide any necessary approvals and permits.

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Price of Building a Shipping Container Home in Florida

Simple shipping containers can cost between $10,000 and $35,000 to purchase. A budget of between $100,000 and $175,000 may be needed for a more significant residence using many containers. 

This includes the concrete foundation and retaining wall cost, electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC system. Please take note that these numbers are flexible. They vary based on the specifics of your project.

The cost of building a container house in Florida depends on many factors, such as the size of your property, the number of containers you want to use, and the type of construction method you choose.

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Factors That Influence the Final Cost of Building a Container Home in Florida

Some of the most common elements that influence the overall cost of building a shipping container home in Florida and across the country includes but is not limited to the following:

Size and Number of Shipping Containers Used

You must first consider the size of your container house and how many containers will be required. You should also consider if or not you want an open floor plan or if you would prefer walls to divide the rooms up. If you wish to have walls dividing up each room, it will cost more since you will need more insulation, wiring and plumbing pipes, etc.

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Design and Layout of the Container Building

Another factor that affects costs is whether or not you choose an open floor plan or if you want walls dividing up each room. An open floor plan allows for more flexibility when designing your container house. Still, it can also make it harder to heat during winter because no walls prevent wind from entering through windows or doors.

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Cleaning the Containers, if Needed

The containers may have been used for shipping goods or other purposes and may need to be cleaned before they can be used as homes. This is especially true of used containers, which may have been damaged during use and require repair before they can be used to build houses.

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Electrical Wiring of the Shipping Container Home in Florida

The electrical wiring must be installed according to local building codes to meet safety standards. This may involve hiring an electrician who will check for any damage to existing wiring and replace it accordingly if necessary.

Plumbing Your Florida Container Home

The plumbing must also be installed according to local building codes so that it meets safety standards, including having enough water pressure for all functions, such as cooking and bathing. A plumber will inspect the plumbing fixtures, such as sinks and toilets, before installing them in order to ensure that they are safe for use in your home.

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Shipping Container Home Flooring

The flooring in a new home can be made from concrete, tile, or laminate. Concrete floors are durable and easy to clean but expensive and require a lot of labor. 

Tile floors have a more traditional look and are easier to maintain than concrete. Still, they can be slippery when wet, so they aren’t ideal for bathrooms or kitchens. Laminate flooring is relatively inexpensive, and it’s easy to clean, but it doesn’t last as long as other types of flooring.

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Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

Toilets, sink, and bathtubs are all included in most Florida container home plans. Still, you may need additional fixtures, such as shower heads or faucets, if you want them included in your finished home. If you choose an appliance package from your builder, then all the appliances will be included in their price quote. Still, if not, then you’ll have to pay extra for them separately.

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Doors and Windows That Your Sea Container Home Will Have

The cost of doors and windows is an essential factor to consider when building a Florida container home. These are often made from wood or metal, which can be expensive. If you’re building with shipping containers, ensure they have been properly sealed, so they don’t let in any moisture or water during rainy seasons.

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Insulation of the Shipping Container Home

Insulation is another important consideration when building a Florida container home. You should consider the climate where you live when deciding what type of insulation to use in your home. 

Foam insulation is often used in colder climates to keep temperatures down. In comparison, fiberglass insulation is better for warmer climates since it allows heat to pass through it easily and helps keep things cool inside during hot days.

Container Home Financing in Florida

If you’re looking for financing for your container home project, many financing options are available. Suppose you don’t already have a construction loan lined up. In that case, we recommend that you get pre-approved for financing before you start building your home so that you can have peace of mind throughout the building process.

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Florida Farm Credit

For those looking to create intriguing projects, Farm Credit of Florida provides a variety of funding choices. They can assist you in obtaining the finance you need to start building your container house in Florida and have interest rates for a wide range of individuals.

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Florida Farm Bureau 

The Florida Farm Bureau is devoted to the people of Florida. They can work with you to secure the finance you require since they are aware of what it takes to get a business like yours off the ground. They can be your best choice if you want to deal with a bank that has the resources to bring you the most incredible rates.

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Shipping Container Home Taxes in Florida

Like any other house, your container home in Florida will be subject to property taxes. However, depending on your state and where you constructed, the tax rate may be different than it would be with a typical house due to the unique nature of the structure and its many classifications. See a local tax assessor to determine the annual tax amount you should be paying.

Container Home Insurance in Florida

It is crucial that you obtain insurance for your Florida container house. It could be challenging to determine the appropriate level of coverage and the necessary policy provisions. For instance, it is crucial that you obtain coverage if you reside in a region that frequently floods. See an insurance professional to come up with solid coverage for your container house in Florida.

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Advantages of Shipping Container Homes

Some of the benefits of shipping container homes include the following:

Cost Effectiveness

Shipping containers can be bought for less than $1,000 on websites such as eBay. Some people even choose to purchase second-hand shipping containers from other companies or individuals. This will reduce the cost of your home significantly. The cost of fitting it out, however, will depend on what you wish your home to look like and how much money you have available to spend on it.

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Durability of Shipping Container Homes

The walls of a shipping container are made from steel plates and are, therefore, very strong. This means they can withstand strong winds and heavy rainfall without any problems. The roofs of these types of homes also tend to be very durable as they have been designed to protect cargo during transportation across oceans or deserts, which means that they’re not going anywhere anytime soon!

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Easy Construction

Unlike stick-built homes, where you need to hire contractors and builders to do all the work, shipping container homes can be put together by anyone with basic construction skills and tools. Even if you don’t know how to hammer in nails or install drywall, there are plenty of instructional videos online that can show you how to put together a homemade from shipping containers by yourself!

Affordability of Container Homes

Containers are made of steel and can be mass-produced in a factory. The costs of shipping containers are much lower than the costs of building traditional homes, making them more affordable to buy and build.

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Customizable Design

You can customize your shipping container home to include any features you want, such as a loft or porch. You can also choose different colors for the walls and roofing materials for your home if you desire something different from the standard grey color of most containers.


Shipping containers have wheels on them so they can be moved easily from place to place once they’ve been assembled into a house (usually with just one crane lift). This means you can move your container home around if necessary, allowing you to live in many different locations over time or even travel with it if you like!

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Factors To Determine Where You’ll Build Your Container Home In Florida

If you’re considering building a container home, the first question you’ll likely ask yourself is: “Where?”

The answer to that question is not as simple as it might appear. There are various things to consider when deciding where to build a container home.

Let’s have a glimpse at some of the factors;

Effects of Geography on Shipping Container Home Location

Container homes are typically built on flat ground so they can be easily transported. If your lot isn’t flat, there are ways to level it out before construction begins.

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Landscape of Where You’ll Place the Container

Before you decide where to build your container home, take a look at the surrounding landscape and consider how it will affect the finished design of your home. For example, if there are hills nearby or trees blocking certain views, those elements may need to be taken into account when designing your new home.

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Size of Land you Want to Use for the Container Home

If you have a lot of space, then you can build a larger house with more rooms and amenities. If you don’t have much space, then you’ll need to be creative in how you design your container home to make it look bigger than it actually is.

Container Home Location

It’s essential that your land is located in an area with good access to services such as public transport and schools. This will make it easier for your family when they move into their new home.

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The Climate

Florida has a mild climate year-round, which makes it an ideal place for shipping container homes. However, there are some parts of the state that are more conducive to the building than others. For example, suppose you’re planning on living in a hurricane-prone area like the Florida Keys or Miami-Dade County. In that case, you may want to reconsider building your home with steel containers instead of concrete ones.

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Budget for the Container Home

Having a budget is essential before you start looking for land or buying a container home. The amount of money you have will determine how much land or how big of a container home you can get. You should also think about the cost of utilities since these vary depending on where you live and whether or not your container home will be hooked up to electricity or water lines.

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Hopefully, this article can help you get started on building your new Florida Container Home or, at the very least, provide you with some insight. Keep in mind that shipping containers have multiple uses beyond just homes.

Many businesses use them for storage; some are even built into office spaces or other commercial settings. No matter what kind of application you have in mind, the Florida container home builders can likely accommodate your needs.

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