A container home being build after getting a planning permission

Is Planning Permission Needed For Container Home? Expert Guide

Are you planning on using a shipping container to build a home but not sure if it requires planning permission? You’re not alone, since shipping containers are one of the most popular methods of construction at the moment. In this post, we answer some of the most critical questions about planning permission and regulations. This […]

A fully completed 5-beautiful shipping container home.

Beautiful 5-Bedroom Shipping Container Home: Cost Review

Have you ever wondered how much a shipping container home will cost? If you’re new to converting a shipping container into a 5-bedroom home, this can be a daunting and exciting challenge. While the idea of ​​building a house out of something usually used to transport goods seems too good to be true, the fact […]

A pictorial example of a container home spacing of each part of the house.

How Much Space Do You Need For A Container Home?

So how much space do you need for your container home? Well, Container homes are becoming more and more popular. This is because they are affordable and can be built in practically any location. Suppose you’re interested in relocating to a container home. In that case, finding real information about how much space your house […]

A renovated container home.

How Do You Renovate A Shipping Container Home in Easy Steps? 

Have you ever thought about renovating your shipping container home? If you’re looking at a renovation on a shipping container home the best way is to have a plan. That’s what we’re going to be backing up today. In this article, We will walk you through remodeling and renovating a shipping container house. We will […]

An anchored container home

How Do You Anchor A Container Home? 7 Easy Approaches

Anyone who has built a container home knows how tough it can be to anchor a shipping container home down. We’re not talking about hammering in a few lag bolts and calling it a day. This is a HUGE project that involves complicated engineering, a thorough building site assessment, and proper foundation design. But let’s […]