Beautiful container home in Texas

Ultimate Guide To Best Container Home Builders In Texas

Building a container home is an increasingly popular trend. Container homes remain not as common as other homes. However many people want to get into this kind of home building for various reasons.  Having your home purely out of shipping containers may appear to be a simple idea at first glance. However, remember that there are […]

The Incredible Origin Of The Promising Shipping Container

If you have ever wondered how the shipping container came to be, this article is for you. The shipping container is probably one of the most profitable and cost-effective inventions.  But before being widely implemented, it took some great minds to come together and make one of the most incredible ideas in the transportation industry […]

A man screwing a wood into a shipping container

Ultimate Guide To Screwing Anything Into A Shipping Container 

Shipping containers are not a new phenomenon. They’ve been around since 1956, but they didn’t become standard in households until they became a topic of conversation again. This is thanks to the popularity of shows like Shipping Wars and Container Homes.  As an aspiring and passionate DIYer, you might have an interest in how you […]

A well decorated container home with hanging aesthetic lights

An Excellent Guide for Shipping Container Home Foundation

Shipping container homes are famous for their affordability, mobility, and durability.  But one of the most significant benefits of container homes is their ability to be built anywhere. If you live in a mountainous area, there are shipping container home foundations that will work for you. Does A Container Home Need A Foundation? If you’re […]

A man in a container home with his wife and daughter having some good time

20 Best Interior Design Ideas For Beautiful Shipping Container Homes

Shipping container home design is fast becoming more and more popular. You might have seen them online or even in your neighborhood.  They’re small, cozy, and designed to meet a modern family’s needs. Shipping container homes may seem too good to be accurate, but they’re not! And with the right interior design and some inspiration […]