An outdoor solar lighting

Why 2021 Outdoor Solar Lights Are The Amazing Future Of Garden Lighting

Outdoor solar garden lights can provide a beautiful glow to your patio or yard. Choosing the right solar garden lights for your environment is essential. It helps increase their lifespan and helps in energy savings, which is especially important as this is an investment!  There are plenty of solar-powered lights on the market, but only […]

Energy efficient Delta T-90 house

13 Amazing Energy-Smart Tips to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

As temperatures rise and fall, it’s important to ensure that your home is as energy-smart as possible.  Most people don’t notice the temperature changes in their houses because they’re not paying attention.  Still, you can take some simple steps to make your home more energy-smart. You’ll save money while making your house more comfortable during […]

A solar tower

15 Top Notch Solar Tech Gadgets For Your Home 

Solar power has developed since the days when it was just for hippies and wealthy people.  Now, it’s easy to find solar tech gadgets that work great in your home. Some of these can even be used while traveling, saving you money on batteries or electricity while on vacation! Here are some of my favorites: […]

A photo showing several solar panels arranged on top of a large commercial building.

Solar Panels: 7 Best Energy Efficiency Benefits For Commercial Buildings

Many commercial businesses these days are turning to solar panels to allow them to save money in the long run.  Solar panels have recently gained popularity thanks to those who volunteer to test them.  These volunteers have had very different experiences from one another. Going solar on your commercial building makes sense in quite a […]

Solar panels installed on the roof

The Good And The Not-So-Good Sides About Solar Panels

Solar panels have evolved quite a bit from their early days, and it’s now easier than ever to harness solar power.  Solar power is one of the oldest alternative energy sources known to humankind.  Once you see how much money you can potentially save, you might want to get a solar panel system Yourself! Let’s […]