Shipping container homes in North Carolina are becoming more and more popular. It seems like most states are allowing these homes because of their advantages to the homeowners and the environment.

North Carolina is buying the idea and currently allowing shipping container homes in NC. Technology and development have led to the invention of these stunning yet cheap homes.

If you have been asking the question, “are shipping container homes legal in North Carolina?” then you are at the right place. This guide will give you insights on everything you need to know about container homes in North Carolina.

The answer to the big question is that shipping container homes are allowed in North Carolina. The North Carolina authorities approve these homes. To set up your container home in North Carolina, you first need to acquire a building permit from the relevant authorities.

They will offer you the guidelines required to set up the container home. These regulations make sure the house will be safe in emergencies such as fire emergencies.

Brief History on Shipping Containers

Even though shipping containers are rising fast in popularity, few people know their origin. These containers were invented by Malcolm Purcell McLean, a North Carolinian. The New York Times reports that he reinvented worldwide shipping and is referred to as the “Father of Containerization.”

Malcolm was a businessman who worked as a truck driver when he started. His father was a farmer, and his legacy spread from the empty tobacco barrels he dragged into a trailer.

Just three years after completing high school education, Malcolm and his siblings initiated the McLean Trucking Company. The grand idea of shipping containers came to McLean in 1937 as he was watching dockers unload and load goods in New Jersey.

The idea struck McLean that creating cargo containers that would sort and pack the cargo would be more effective. In 1955, McLean sold his trucking company shares and bought an Alabama steamship company.

Constructing a Container Home in NC

Building a shipping container home in NC is legal and possible if you follow some laid-out regulations. First, you need to secure a permit from the North Carolina authorities. Before setting up the structure, you also have to go through the zoning codes, laws, and building rules.

That is because the shipping container home should be suitable for human inhabitance, not a death sentence.

The truth is that allowing these shipping container homes was not easy. That is because of the nature of shipping containers. We know these containers are made of steel, and they can be extra hot during high temperatures.

Even if the container has ventilation, it can be pretty hot, which is why the state never accepted these homes easily. If that is a single container, you can imagine what of having a house made of entire steel.

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However, with some minor tweaks and adjustments, the room temperature can be contained, which is why North Carolina accepted the shipping container homes. The state ensures certain conditions are met to make these homes suitable for pets and humans before building them.

These regulations and laws were not to restrict people from building the shipping container homes but to make sure the houses were safe. The state has to make sure its citizens are safe. That includes the homes and structures set up in the state. The homes must be safe for families and their pets.

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Shipping Container Homes in NC

The North Carolina government approves the construction of shipping container homes in the state. Anyone in North Carolina can now build their dream container home in the state.

They should get a permit and follow the zoning codes and building rules. Building a container home is legal in North Carolina but building a death trap is a crime.

Reputable Container Home Builders in North Carolina

The death trap could be a container home that does not follow the regulations and is unsuitable for human inhabitance. So, if you want to build a shipping container home, look for reputable home builders in North Carolina that specialize in building container homes.

Have them create a suitable plan for your dream home. If you are okay with the layout of your home, have them build it following all the regulations and rules. The container home in North Carolina should be safe and suitable for animals and humans.

The fact that you are given the liberty to build these homes does not mean you abuse that privilege. In fact, abusing that privilege is risky and could even lead to injuries or death of the family members.

As mentioned earlier, shipping containers are made of steel, and working with this material is hazardous. If you are not careful, you could easily hurt yourself.

That is why it is advisable to contact a professional container home builder to design and build the home for you. These experts have the necessary tools and equipment to work on this hard steel.

Again, even as you look for a home builder, do not just get any typical shipping container builder. Only work with reputable builders that have constructed several homes.

They ought to show you their previous projects with other clients to approve them. The company should give you the entire plan and explain everything to you until the home is complete.

Is a Permit Required to Build My Container Home?

Every new homeowner who wishes to build a shipping container home in NC must get a building permit from the building authorities. That is critical before the home builder starts working on your home.

The authorities must first see the plan for your shipping container home and then approve it or let you know where some adjustments can be made. If they are fully satisfied that your home is safe for humans and animals, they will give you the green light.

The reason why this must be done is because of the nature of the shipping containers. The state government has to ensure that your ideal home has all the necessary equipment and adjustments that make it habitable.

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They have to assess the house and ensure all the standards and regulatory measures are in place before allowing you to build that home. All this is just to keep your family safe and other occupants of the proposed home.

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Cost of Constructing Container Homes in NC

Once you are already set to construct your container home in North Carolina, you need to come up with an estimate of your budget. Even though building this home is cheaper than conventional concrete homes, you still want to save up some cash in the process.

Estimate your budget depending on the price set for every foot of steel. That is crucial since container homes are priced on square footage. Check on the square footage you can afford in total to know the number of containers to buy and ship to your construction site.

Cost of a Traditional Home in NC

Building a traditional home in North Carolina could cost you around $143 for every square foot. At this price, all you get is the structure of your ideal home. It does not include the finishing and furnishings to make the place habitable.

The homeowner will have to purchase the remaining things separately, such as cabinets, countertops, furniture, among other things. All these will now complete the home to make a comfortable living place for humans and animals, i.e., pets.

Cost of Container Home in North Carolina

However, building a container home here is much cheaper. Setting up the home’s basic structure will only cost $105 for every square foot. You will purchase the additional items and equipment to complete the home with the extra cash.

The other good thing with these homes is that you can design them in whatever form you want, and the builders will do the magic for you. Technically, it is evident that these shipping container homes are cheaper than the conventional ones.

Container Home Taxes in North Carolina

Like with other homes, you will have to pay taxes in North Carolina on your shipping container home. However, since this is a unique home, unlike the conventional homes in North Carolina, the rates will differ and even how you pay the tax.

To ensure you pay the right amount of cash for your container home and the right way, it is advisable to talk to a tax specialist.

The local tax expert will assess your home and then tell you what amount of tax to remit and how you will do it. Trying to do it on your own could only jeopardize the entire process, especially if you are new at it.

Container Home Insurance in NC

As the new homeowner in town, it is critical to insure your home, primarily if the house is situated in high-risk areas that are prone to floods or hurricanes; home insurance is fascinating. Insurance protects your home in case such a disaster happens. You will get your home back after claiming.

However, finding the right insurance policy on your own is not easy. That is why you are advised to look for an insurance agent. These are insurance experts and will get you precisely the type of policy you wish to cover your home with.

Even though the agency will come at a cost, it is much better since they know the perfect insurance company for your shipping container home.

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5 Benefits of Shipping Container Homes in North Carolina

What is all this fuss about shipping container homes? Probably this is the question you ask yourself every time someone mentions container homes.

Maybe you have come across several container homes in your area and wonder why the owners decided to go that route. Below are some of the benefits of container homes that make them quite popular:

1. Flexibility in Building a Container Homes in North Carolina

Container homes are quite flexible if you consider their layout, configuration, and design. You can build your ideal home in whatever layout you wish.

Whatever design you look forward to, you can have it as long as you build with a reputable builder. The containers can be combined to create stunning pieces of architecture.

2. Container Homes Gives you Uniqueness

It is pretty common to come across neighborhoods with similar homes. Here almost all the houses will have the same design and structure.

However, with shipping container homes, things may be different. You will design a unique and original home the way you like. Get creative in the plan and create a magnificent piece that will suit your preferences and tastes.

Configure how you shape the containers and add exciting colors to make your home stand out. Seek to create a stunning home with metal and rustic wood finishes and a unique design using multiple containers. Your ideal home does not have to look like the other neighboring homes.

3. Sea Containers Saves on Cost

As mentioned earlier, shipping containers are more affordable than traditional homes. They are the perfect alternative if you want a modern home at a lower price. You can build a cute tiny house, a super comfy granny flat with shipping containers, or even a large modern house.

However, note that even though these homes are cheaper, they may depend on your desired features and customizations. Complex customizations will cost you more.

4. Strength and Durability

These shipping containers were built to last for a long time due to the nature of the work they are meant to do on the seas. The steel structures can withstand harsh weather conditions and be stacked over each other.

Shipping containers have strong roofs and walls, which means they can last for a long time. You could consider external cladding to extend its lifespan to several decades.

5. Portability of NC Container Homes

These container homes are designed for ease of transportation and portability. Since the containers can withstand ocean conditions and long distances, they will be portable even when used as homes. You can move to a new location with a shipping container home if you need to move due to your job transfer or anything else.

However, in the US, you need to check whether it is allowed to come into a state from a different one with your container home before moving. The container home will fit onto the back of a truck for easy transportation.

When You’re Ready to Build Your Container Home in NC

Create your shipping container home today in North Carolina and live peacefully with your family. Remember to follow all the regulations and obtain a permit from relevant authorities before construction commences. 

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