Solar panels installed on the roof

The Good And The Not-So-Good Sides About Solar Panels

Solar panels have evolved quite a bit from their early days, and it’s now easier than ever to harness solar power.  Solar power is one of the oldest alternative energy sources known to humankind.  Once you see how much money you can potentially save, you might want to get a solar panel system Yourself! Let’s […]

A photo of a net-zero house

Cost To Build A Good Net-Zero Energy Home 

For most families, the cost of building a net-zero energy home is a big investment business. But have you ever wondered how much such homes costs?  Building a net-zero energy home is your dream when you care about the environment. It is also important if you want to save money on utility bills.  Let’s explore […]

Solar batteries being charged for later use.

Solar Battery: How to Get Started Smoothly

Solar energy is a renewable energy source that’s growing in popularity. There are a lot of places that are now making use of solar energy. It’s not just because of the environmental benefits, and what is a solar panel without a solar battery? Solar power is cheaper, especially if you install suitable solar batteries and […]

A Pictorial Diagram showing solar PV system output

Factors That Hinders The Best Performance Of PV Solar Output

You must carefully consider solar efficiency factors when designing solar PV systems. This will get the most out of your efforts and investment. If you have inefficient appliances, you will require an extensive PV system (and a significant dent in your bank balance!). Even if you are filthy rich, it does not make sense. Because […]

Solar panels on the roof.

Solar Energy: Their Different Types And How They Perform

Our planet’s principal source of energy is solar energy. The solar energy source is the sun, a massive plasma ball composed of hydrogen and helium atoms. The conversion of hydrogen to helium, and light results in heat production. The sun also emits charged particles known as photons, which travel through space at the speed of […]