Texas shipping container pool by Steelwater Pools

8 Of The Best Shipping Container Pools In Texas Builders

Have you considered a shipping container pool in Texas? Well, if you live in Texas and want to add a pool to your yard, you may be surprised by the cost. While it’s true that shipping container pools are becoming more popular and that many people enjoy them, I know from experience how expensive it […]

Outside view of a home Bedroom designed by Connex Custom Builds

Are Shipping Container Homes Legal In Georgia? Find Out Why

If you’re wondering whether container homes are legal in Georgia, we cover that and more. But first, let’s start with the basics, in particular, sea containers. These are metal boxes carrying cargo from one place to another — usually on bord ships. They have been used as a building material in the past few years. […]

Container home in California by Giant Containers

10 Shipping Container Homes You Can Order Right Now

Shipping container homes are all the rage these days. They’re cheap and easy to build, plus they can be customized in any way you want. However, finding an available shipping container home can be difficult—until now. After scouring the Internet for hours to find these 10 fantastic shipping container homes. I’ve found that they’re all […]

How to build a luxury container home in Australia

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Shipping Container House In Australia?

Building your own shipping container house in Australia is a great idea if you want a unique, different design and just to live off the grid or in a great, exciting home. The truth is that an Australia container house might actually be a very good investment, especially if you are sick and tired of […]

spray foam insulation for a shipping container home

5 Amazing Ways To Insulate A Shipping Container Home

How to insulate a shipping container is one of the things that come to mind when you want to build one. Learning how to insulate a shipping container home is very important and it can indeed make a difference. Which is why we created a list to help you figure out how to insulate a […]