Amazing Truth About Building A Container Home In Ohio

If you’re considering building a container home in Ohio, you might wonder if it’s legal to use them as a building. A Shipping container home can be an excellent opportunity to create the house of your dreams. If you can design your own home, you can ensure that all of life’s necessities are provided for […]

Permit for a shipping container home in Florida

How To Get Permits For Container Homes In Florida

After several inquiries on permits, our article today will cover permits for shipping container homes in Florida. Building your own container home in Florida is a great idea, and it’s also one of those things that require a bit of due diligence. What you will notice is that there are some permits to build a […]

metal grinder as a tool for constructing container homes

Important Tools for Building a Container Home

A container home is an economical way to build your own house without the need for expensive materials and tools. It is also an eco-friendly alternative to building with conventional materials like steel or concrete. Container homes are available in different sizes, shapes, styles, and prices depending on how many rooms you want to include […]

Cost to build a shipping container home can be lowered by proper planning

Amazing Cost To Build A Shipping Container Home

The cost to build a shipping container home is always in the back of every new home builder. For a DIYer, building a shipping container home is a great idea, since you always want to build your own home with materials that are readily available. This is an eco-friendly approach when it comes to building […]

What to avoid while building a container home

11 Mistakes to Avoid While Building a Container Home

There is a rapid rise in container home construction, and with that, several mistakes you want to avoid while building a container home that we’ll address in this article. The use of shipping containers for building homes has gained popularity in the recent past. With the ongoing trend, it is expected that the container home […]