solar powered home design solar battery being charged

Top 15 Best Solar Powered Home Designs And Their Cost

Solar powered home designs have become a timely topic of conversation regarding saving money on electricity. There are many different designs that you can choose from when you design or remodel your home with solar panels. You can have solar panels designed into your home’s roof or build a greenhouse to provide extra sunlight for […]

Tesla Solar Roof 2023

Tesla Solar Roof Cost 2023, Other Solar Tile Options: Expert Look

One of the most interesting and innovative products being designed by Elon Musk is the Tesla solar roof. The sleek glass design certainly looks good, but how much will the Tesla solar roof cost? When will it be available? Several other solar tile options exist, including solar skylight windows, traditional PV tiles, and more. In […]

What is net metering

What Is Net Metering? Easy Explanation

Net metering is a billing mechanism for solar energy that credits customers for excess electricity sent back to the grid. Applied broadly, it could power whole communities and neighborhoods, disintermediating utilities and centrally located generators. Net metering has opened up tremendous opportunities for a wide variety of renewable energy sources, leading to falling prices and […]

A man in a container home with his wife and daughter having some good time

20 Best Interior Design Ideas For Beautiful Shipping Container Homes

Searching for interior design ideas for your container home, here are 20 of the best interior design ideas for your shipping container home. Shipping container home design is fast becoming more and more popular. You might have seen them online or even in your neighborhood.  They’re small, cozy, and designed to meet a modern family’s […]

An outdoor solar lighting

2023 Outdoor Solar Garden Lights: Ultimate Costs, Pros & Cons

Outdoor solar garden lights can provide a beautiful glow to your patio or yard. Choosing the right solar garden lights for your environment is essential in increasing their lifespan and helping in energy savings, which is especially important as this is an investment! There are plenty of solar-powered lights on the market, but only a […]