greatest solar tech advancements of 2023

11 Greatest Solar Tech Advancements Of 2023

People have always been excited about solar tech advancements. And why not? The idea of producing clean energy for your home and business without increasing our emission levels is immensely appealing. In fact, the idea is so alluring that we’re seeing a surge in solar applications lately as more and more people are choosing to […]

Tesla Solar Roof 2023

Tesla Solar Roof Cost 2023, Other Solar Tile Options: Expert Look

One of the most interesting and innovative products being designed by Elon Musk is the Tesla solar roof. The sleek glass design certainly looks good, but how much will the Tesla solar roof cost? When will it be available? Several other solar tile options exist, including solar skylight windows, traditional PV tiles, and more. In […]

What is net metering

What Is Net Metering? Easy Explanation

Net metering is a billing mechanism for solar energy that credits customers for excess electricity sent back to the grid. Applied broadly, it could power whole communities and neighborhoods, disintermediating utilities and centrally located generators. Net metering has opened up tremendous opportunities for a wide variety of renewable energy sources, leading to falling prices and […]

A solar tower

15 Top Notch Solar Tech Gadgets For Your Home 

Solar power has developed since the days when it was just for hippies and wealthy people.  Now, it’s easy to find solar tech gadgets that work great in your home. Some of these can even be used while traveling, saving you money on batteries or electricity while on vacation! Here are some of my favorites: […]

A photo showing several solar panels arranged on top of a large commercial building.

Do Solar Panels Work On Commercial Buildings? Easy Answer

Many commercial businesses these days are turning to solar panels to save on power bills, but do solar panels work on commercial buildings? Solar panels have recently gained popularity thanks to those who volunteer to test them.  These volunteers have had very different experiences from one another. Going solar on your commercial building makes sense in […]