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50 Beautiful Shipping Container Homes That Feel Like Home

Creating a great container home is a very good idea because you get to design the home you want, as you see fit and at your own pace. It’s important to take your time and always come up with the right building plan.

Thankfully, creating your own container home is not that challenging these days. It all comes down to avoiding any rush and making sure you obtain an amazing experience. That’s why we created a list of 50 container homes you really want to start building yourself.

1. Family Home 

Family home out of several shipping containers

The idea of having a container home for the entire family might seem a bit tricky to pull off at first. But the reality is that it might actually work better than expected. You can add a balcony, a patio, or even a porch.

The idea here is that you will need to add multiple containers here, maybe one at the top. It does work and you can have a wonderful shipping container home for the entire family. Stacking vertically or horizontally at your own pace can work and it certainly delivers an advantage here.

2. Wood and Metal 

A container house of wood and metal

Adding in some wood on top of the metal so you can push its look to the next level is actually creative and very innovative. You can really test it out for yourself and it might actually work better than expected. The quality is great and you will also be able to make it feel homier. Hiding the metal with wood adds that traditional appeal which does help stand out quite a lot.

3. Slanted Roof 

A slanted roof container house

You always want to bring in a unique look to your container home farmhouse or just regular home. A slanted roof is great because not only does it make the home look cool, but it also helps protect it against the elements.

This is actually a very good option if you live in a place where it snows. It will require you to think outside the box when it comes to the design, though.

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4. 5 Container Home 

A 5-container house

Having 5 containers is a cool idea because it allows you to bring in a very impressive and more comprehensive design. You can actually have a lot of space for parties. And there’s still a lot of living space. So yes, this can work really well.

5. A Container Home Near the Water 

A container home situated next to the water

Having container farmhouses near the water sounds great, and it might actually offer you quite an interesting idea. The benefit is that you can explore a variety of options, and being able to jump into the lake whenever you want is great. Of course, you might need a permit depending on where you live. It’s still a great idea!

6. Beautiful Entrance to the Container Home 

A beautiful entrance to the container house

You can have a great entrance to the container home simply by adding a small bridge. It all depends on the placement of your shipping container home, but the results can be great if you have a bit of vision and don’t shy away from innovating. It’s great, and it helps convey a lot of value.

7. High Ceiling Container Home 

A ceiling shipping Freight home

This one might be a bit tricky because you need multiple containers stacked and you need to do plenty of cutting. Yet at the end of the day, it might actually work better than you expect. You can still have an open plan even if you choose a container home. So that’s definitely one of the options that you can check out.

8. Modern Farmhouse Design 

A home with a modern farmhouse design

Can you create a container home farmhouse? Of course, you can add in a variety of traditional design ideas. It all comes down to how you incorporate everything, and it might actually work better than expected. It’s never easy to do it, but it works.

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9. A Container Home With Leisure Space 

A shipping freight home with a leisure space

Sometimes you want to have lots of indoor space, but also some space for outdoor activities. The idea of having a patio space and maybe even a fire pit with some chairs or a sofa outside of the container home can be great. You can easily do this for a farmhouse container home too, so there are lots of ideas to consider here.

10. All Glass Container Home 

A home with all glass front

While it might sound strange, this works great if you live in a more remote location. If you’re not, there might be privacy issues. But if you are in a remote location, this works and it gives you that unique style and ideas that you are interested in.

Plus, you have lots of natural light, so you can set up an office or living space with great views. The possibilities are indeed limitless here.

11. Covered Patio 

A container house with a covered patio

As we said earlier, having a container home with patio space is a cool idea and it might actually work better than expected. A covered patio is nice too since you can have the living space on top of the patio. The idea of adding some living space on top of your relaxation, outdoor area is tricky but it does work very nicely.

12. Contemporary Container Home 

A contemporary container home

What’s cool about having a contemporary container home is that you can add in multiple containers and stack them up, cutting them to create a very appealing style. This is a good option if you have a larger family, and it might work really well.

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13. Back Porch 

container home with a back porch

What a lot of people try to do is to implement the idea of adding a back porch at the end of their container home. It’s a cool way to have an outdoor space and it does look stunning. Plus, you can boost the quality and push it to the next level too, while still innovating and coming up with all kinds of creative ideas. 

14. Mobile Container Home 

A mobile container home

A great container home can also be mobile. You can add a shipping container on a trailer, ensure it’s properly set up and then you take it on your trips. That means you get to have a mobile home, ready to use whenever you want.

It really is a cool idea and one of those things that you will enjoy. It does have its fair share of challenges, but in the end, it will offer an amazing experience and result. 

15. Vertical and Horizontal Containers 

Vertical and horizontal container home

Yes, you can play around with the style and size of the home as you see fit. Having some vertical containers along with the horizontal ones where you normally live is really cool.

Not only is it creative, but it’s exciting and fun, and people love this type of architectural approach. While not everyone is going to try it, this is a bold system for sure.

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16. Raising The Roof 

A container home with a raised roof

Raising the roof of the shipping container home is a cool idea because it adds some extra space. You have a better view and at the same time, the extra space can be used for storage. Since we all need storage, it’s totally worth the effort.

17. Micro Shipping Container Home 

A micro shipping container home

Even if this is a novel idea, it works. If you are not claustrophobic and you’re dealing with a small budget, a very small container home can be possible. It looks cool, and it allows you to maintain a minimalist lifestyle. It does have challenges, but it’s totally worth it and you will have fun with it.

18. Large Deck Space 

container home with a large deck space

When you create a container home farmhouse, you can still have a large deck. Make sure that you use some wood around the containers in order to give that unique, appealing deck feel. It works great and it will impress you more than you imagine. It will take a little bit to adapt to this, but in the end, the potential can be very impressive.

19. Add a Patio on The Roof 

A home with a patio on the roof

Although you can have a patio space under or near your shipping container home, why not add that to the roof? The cool thing about this idea is that you can have more space to work with. It’s also possible to customize and have fun, which in the end can be a very good idea.

20. Have a Side-by-Side Container Home Set 

A side by side container home

You can also go with 2 smaller container homes that you build side by side. That’s cool because you still get plenty of space to work with. And you can also have a guest house in case you need one. It’s a cool concept, a novel idea, and one of those things a lot of people love. That’s why it’s totally worth it to give it a try for yourself and enjoy the experience. 

21. Modern Container Home Style 

A modern container home style

The modern style for any container home is cool, sleep and simple. You can even use recycled materials if you want, that’s up to you. The style works great and you can experiment with it to find the perfect sweet spot. That’s what really makes this a great option.

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22. Pop-Out Space 

container home with a pop-out space

At the end of the container home, you can add a pop-up space for a bed or two. It might not seem like a lot, but it fits any container home farmhouse or even a modern setup. With these things, you always want to experiment and try out new things, and in the end, it might actually give you the results you want. Is it tricky? It might be in some cases, but the potential is amazing.

23. Green Roof 

A container house with flowers planted on the roof.

Adding a green roof to the shipping container home is actually a very good option. It’s healthy, and it also adds that unique style and feature you want. You can easily experiment and test out a variety of options too, so in the end, it can be very exciting and innovative.

24. Balcony Space 

A container house with a balcony space

You can stack 2 or more containers and at the end of the last one, you can have some balcony space. People that build container homes rarely think about adding a balcony. But the reality is that with the right planning you can easily do one and it will work very nicely. Even if it does involve trial and error, the truth is that you can get some really good results if you know how to do this adequately. 

25. Open Plan for the Container Home 

A container home with an open plan
Courtesy: n.

While the open plan for a container home might be tricky to do, it’s totally doable. You do need to ensure that you don’t cut crucial parts which will lead to structural damage. But you can add multiple windows or doors if you want. As we said, it all comes down to the right plan for your farmhouse container home.

26. Contemporary Coastal Space 

A container home with a contemporary coastal space

You can have the container home and then you can have a separate space made out of wood. A lot of people choose to do this and have the second space used as a patio. It’s a nifty approach and one of those cool spaces and ideas that you do want to test out.

27. Reflective Features 

A container home with reflective features

Some container home builders were able to add in lots of windows to the point where the home gets to be very reflective. If you want lots of natural light, this might be the trick and it works very nicely.

28. Secret Corners and Spaces 

A container home with secret corners and spaces

Can you add any hidden spaces or corners to the container home? Absolutely, it all comes down to having the best planning. Even if this might be a bit tricky to do, having that extra storage space is worth it. 

29. Big Yard Space 

A container home with a big yard space

You can try to ensure that you have the shipping container home at the front of the lot, and in the back, you can set up a larger yard space. It’s actually a very cool idea and it will bring you some amazing benefits and tremendous value. Once you do that, you will be amazed by the experience as a whole and the results you can get.

30. Open Kitchen Space 

A container home with a kitchen space

A cool open kitchen doesn’t have to be very complex. You just need to add in a sliding door and that will most likely go onto the porch. Do that and it will look great, it will convey a tremendous value without being too pretentious.

31. Modular Home 

A modular container home

Creating a modular home is possible with shipping containers and it looks great. The challenge here comes from finding the ideal modular aspect and taking it to the next level. It’s sustainable and it works very well.

32. A Container Home for Guests 

A Container Home for Guests

A guesthouse can be made out of shipping containers too. The idea is to come up with a pleasant design where visitors can enjoy their time and have a great sleep. It doesn’t need to be complex, simplicity and ease of use is the right idea.

33. 3 Tiers 

3-Tiers shipping container home

Having a container home with 3 tiers involves lots of planning and structuring. But once you create it, this will work very well. And that’s the cool thing, it gives you some amazing results while also offering an extraordinary set of benefits.

34. Statement Container Home 

Statement Container Home

A statement home needs to be very well organized and with a balcony. You do need to stack up multiple shipping containers, but it works great and that’s precisely what makes this such a great experience.

35. Open and Close System 

A container home with an open and close system

Adding some doors at the end of the container home or in the front is great because you can open and close them to add fresh air and more light as well. You just need to be creative and ensure this won’t detract from the design.

36. Solar Panels on the Container Home 

A container home with a solar panel on the roof

We think that having solar panels on the container home is an excellent idea and you do want to offer some creative features and unique systems in place. It works great, and it will help encourage you to experiment with the design. Plus, having solar panels is cool because you don’t have to rely on anyone else’s energy.

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37. Desert Container Home 

A desert container home

It’s possible to have a container home in the desert and it will actually work very nicely. You can even have it facing a cliff for a great view. It’s up to you to find the ideal design that will stand out more than expected.

38. Tiny Living Space 

Tiny living space container home

A good idea is to always try out the minimalist approach. Plenty of people love the idea of having a tiny container home and that might work very well with your current lifestyle. You don’t really need a ton of space in some situations, and this might be a winner.

39. Lakeside View Home 

Lakeside view container home

You can still have a container home and still obtain a cool ocean view. It works great and it just gives you the unique approach of having plenty of windows. Just plan the container home correctly and you can make this dream a reality.

40. Wonky Container Home Style

Wonky Container Home Style

Not every container home design has to be perfect. You can go for a wonkier design that still shows class and great quality. In the end, it’s all up to bring in a unique perspective and yes, this can be a cool one with some interesting features in between if you want.

41. Large Window Container Home 

Large Window Container Home

Having large windows is always cool because you have lots of natural light, so that’s a cool thing. You do want to test out a variety of things, but in the end, the potential can be limitless, and you will appreciate the results. 

42. A Container Home With Its Own Pool

A container home with its own pool

Can you add a pool to your container home? Why not, you just need to ensure that you have space outside of your container home for the pool. Then it might actually be a lot better than expected.

43. Upwards Styled Container Home 

Upwards-styled container home

What’s cool about this design is the fact that you can stack shipping containers without a problem and make the house feel like it’s going upward. You can even go further by having a large entrance that brings tons of light into your home. That’s cool and it can be totally worth it.

44. Industrial Look 

Container home with an industrial look

Showing off an industrial look for your container home might not be that appealing at first, but it delivers a sense of class and style. It’s really impressive and the quality you get here is nothing short of impressive. 

45. Simplistic Style 

A container home with a simplistic style

You can have a container farmhouse with just a single shipping container. It looks great, and you can easily add some accessories and extra features as needed. Keeping it simple is always amazing, and it just makes things better all the time.

46. Outdoor Heaven 

Outdoor heaven container home

It’s possible to have the container home as a central point and you can then bring in lots of plants around it. You really get to feel like being in a jungle, and it definitely adds a unique style and fun characteristics into the mix too.

47. A Cozy Living Space 

A cozy living space container home

The container home can have its front mostly made out of a sliding door that allows you to open up the space so you can enjoy the fresh air and lots of light. You can have the interior of the shipping container set up as a studio or as a place where you can sit down and unwind, while the upper container will help when it comes to having a bedroom and a kitchen.

48. For the Families 

A container home for the families

You should consider having 2 containers at the bottom and one at the top, with a grill and some extra space for a patio in front. This is a cool idea because it allows the entire family to cherish their time together, while also having great stuff for guests there too.

49. Open Space Container Home 

An open space container home

With the right planning and a few poles, you can actually create a great open-space container home. Even a container home farmhouse can be made this way if you think outside the box. Then you have to focus on finding the right color for the interior.

50. Forest Home 

A container home in a forest.

It’s possible to have a container home built in a forest, and that can work very well. The main idea here is that you always want to add something new and creative, so you can have a staircase, and obviously, you need at least one level on top of the container base container. Put it in between a few trees, and you get to have an amazing container home in the forest.


All of these are amazing ideas if you want a modern container home or even a farmhouse container home. It all comes down to taking your time, creating the best design, and then implementing it wisely.

It does take some trial and error, but if you do this properly, you can easily bring your dream container home to life. Experiment, try out a variety of ideas and you won’t have a problem creating an amazing container home!

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