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9 Creative Ideas For Shipping Container Home Design And Décor

Are you tired of conventional housing options and looking for something unique yet eco-friendly? Look no further than shipping container homes!

This emerging trend in the world of architecture is revolutionizing the way we think about sustainable living. With their distinctive design and countless advantages, shipping containers are increasingly being used to create stunning and functional homes.

In this article, we will explore the concept of shipping container homes, delve into the advantages they offer, and emphasize the importance of sustainable and eco-friendly design.

Table of Contents

Shipping Container Basics

Characteristics of Shipping Containers Suitable for Housing

When considering a shipping container for your home, it’s essential to understand the characteristics that make it suitable for housing.

Firstly, shipping containers are made from durable materials such as steel, making them resistant to harsh weather conditions and providing excellent insulation.

Additionally, they feature sturdy construction, with reinforced corners and watertight doors, ensuring the structural integrity of the container.

Different Container Sizes and Dimensions

Shipping containers come in various sizes and dimensions, allowing for flexibility in design and layouts. The most common sizes include 20-foot and 40-foot containers, with standard heights of 8 feet and 9.5 feet, respectively.

However, if you require a larger space, high cube containers are available with an additional foot of height. These size options offer versatility, enabling you to create a home that fits your specific needs and preferences.

Understanding Structural Integrity and Modifications

Before utilizing shipping containers for housing, it’s crucial to understand the importance of maintaining their structural integrity.

Proper preparation, such as removing rust and repainting, helps extend the lifespan of the container. When it comes to modifications, it’s essential to consult professionals to ensure any alterations, such as cutting openings for windows and doors, do not compromise the structural integrity of the container.

Accommodation Options

When it comes to shipping container home design, there are plenty of accommodation options to consider. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy space for yourself or accommodate a larger family, the possibilities are endless.

Design Ideas for Single-Container Homes

For those planning to build a home using just one shipping container, there are numerous design ideas to make the most out of a limited space.

One option is to embrace an open floor plan, which creates a sense of spaciousness and allows for flexibility in arranging furniture and décor. Alternatively, partitioning the container into separate rooms can provide privacy and a more traditional layout.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the use of natural light. By incorporating large windows or glass doors, you can maximize the amount of sunlight entering the container, making it feel brighter and more inviting. Additionally, using light-colored paint and reflective surfaces can further enhance the sense of spaciousness.

Design Ideas for Multiple-Container Homes

If you have multiple shipping containers at your disposal, the design possibilities become even more exciting. One approach is to experiment with stacking and joining techniques, allowing you to create multiple levels or interconnected spaces.

This not only maximizes the available square footage but also adds an element of uniqueness to your container home.

Incorporating outdoor living areas is another popular idea for multiple-container homes. By connecting containers with open-air decks or patios, you can create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. This adds valuable living space and allows you to enjoy the surrounding environment to the fullest.

With these accommodation options in mind, you can begin envisioning the perfect shipping container home design for your needs.

From a single-container retreat to a multi-container architectural marvel, the versatility of shipping containers opens up a world of possibilities.

Design and Decor Ideas For Shipping Container Home

Today we’ll explore 9 creative ideas for shipping container home design and decor. From using multiple containers to create a huge home that has sustainability in it’s veins. These ideas will inspire you to think outside the box and create a unique, one of a kind home.

So, let’s take a dive in and explore the different types of shipping container home design and decor!

1. Create A Container Swimming Pool

Container pool with a deck by Momo
Container pool with a deck by Momo

One creative idea for shipping container home design is adding a swimming pool into the layout. This can be done by cutting out a section of the sea container and installing a pool liner. As a matter of fact, using multiple shipping containers, you can create a larger pool area.

This unique feature can add a luxurious touch to the home and provide a great space for entertaining and relaxation. A pool can also be a natural cooling system for the home, making it more energy efficient.

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2. Decorate The Outside

pros and cons of shipping container homes
Shipping container homes decorated on the outside

Another creative idea for sea container home design is to decorate the outside of the container. Basically, you can do this by adding a coat of paint. Alternatively, you can use different textures and materials such as wood or metal. A popular trend is to use reclaimed wood to create a rustic and natural look.

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At any rate, this can also be used as a way to hide the container and make it blend in with the surrounding environment. Additionally, adding outdoor lighting and landscaping can add to the overall aesthetic and make the home more inviting.

For instance, you can include a patio area, a garden, or even a small pond. These features can also create a sense of privacy and seclusion while being close to nature.

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3. Include Lots of Windows in Your Shipping Container Home Design

Container home bedroom with blinds in the windows
Container home bedroom with blinds in the windows. Courtesy: Bob’s Containers

Shipping containers are most of the time made of steel, which can make them feel dark and claustrophobic if not designed properly. Incorporating large windows into the design can add natural light and a sense of being in a much larger space.

This can be done by cutting out sections of the container. After this, replace the open areas with windows or installing skylights on the roof. Additionally, consider adding windows at different levels and angles to create a more dynamic and interesting design.

This will not only help to bring in natural light but also provide beautiful views. What’s more, you’ll get a great connection to the outdoors.

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4. Add Texture and Color

Shotgun container home in New Orleans, Louisiana
Shotgun container home in New Orleans, Louisiana

Another great way to add character and interest to a shipping container home is through texture and color. Shipping containers are often a blank canvas. Then again, the right design elements make them feel like a unique and personalized spaces.

For example, consider adding a textured wall finish, such as a reclaimed wood panel or a rustic brick wall. This will add depth and interest to the space and help to create a warm and beautiful atmosphere. Additionally, consider incorporating colorful accents and accessories throughout the space.

This can be done through colorful artwork, textiles, or even plants. This will bring life and energy to the space and make it feel like a true home.

Overall, the key to successful shipping container home design and decor is to think creatively. On top of that, you can add elements that will make the space feel unique and personalized.

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5. Bring The Outdoors In Your Container Home Design

indoor plants in a shipping container home
Indoor plants in a shipping container home

Shipping container homes are often located in rural or remote areas. Notice that this makes them a great opportunity to incorporate elements of nature into the design.

This can be done by adding large windows or skylights. In turn, these will provide ample natural light and stunning views of the landscape all around your home.

Additionally, incorporating natural materials such as wood, stone, and plants can create a sense of connection to the outdoors. This can be done by using reclaimed wood for flooring or cabinetry, adding a rock wall feature, or incorporating indoor gardens.

Bringing the outdoors can create a more relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, making the shipping container home feel more like a retreat than a traditional home.

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6. Creating an Open Floor Plan

Open Floor Plan for Your 5-bedroom Shipping Container Home
Open Floor Plan for Your 5-bedroom Shipping Container Home

Shipping container homes are known for their compact and efficient design, making them perfect for those looking to save space and minimize clutter. One creative idea for designing a shipping container home is to create an open floor plan.

This allows for a more fluid and open layout, making the space feel larger and more inviting. An open floor plan can be done by removing interior walls and creating large openings between rooms. This can be done by cutting out sections of the container walls or installing large sliding doors.

An open floor plan can also be arrived at by welding multiple shipping containers to create a larger living space.

This allows for a more flexible and customizable layout, making creating a home that meets your specific needs and preferences easier.

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7. Incorporating A Green Roof On Your Container Home

A container house with flowers planted on the roof.
A container house with flowers planted on the roof.

A green roof is a layer of vegetation planted on top of the container, creating a natural and sustainable living space. Green roofs have a number of benefits, including reducing heat island effects, reducing energy costs, and improving air quality.

They also provide a natural habitat for birds and insects and can be used to grow various plants, including herbs, vegetables, and flowers.

A green roof can also create a unique and beautiful design element. Important to realize that this makes the shipping container home stand out from traditional homes.

To create a green roof, the container roof must be reinforced to support the weight of the soil and plants. Then again, a drainage system must be put in place to ensure proper water flow.

This can be a great challenge and complex. But it can be a beautiful and sustainable addition to a shipping container home with the right planning and design.

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8. Add Convertible Furniture

One creative idea for shipping container home design is to add convertible furniture. Shipping containers are most of the times smaller than traditional homes. And so making the most of the space available is important.

Convertible furniture, such as a sofa that can turn into into a bed or a dining table that folds down into a desk, can maximize the functionality of the space. This type of furniture can also add a modern, minimalist aesthetic to the home, often associated with shipping container homes.

Additionally, convertible furniture can be a great option for guests staying over all the time, providing extra sleeping space without taking up too much room.

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9. Include Dark Accent Wall in Your Shipping Container Home Design

Shipping container homes are known for their industrial and minimalist aesthetic, which can sometimes feel cold and uninviting. To add a touch of warmth and depth to the space, consider including a dark accent wall.

This can be gotten by painting one of the walls in a rich, dark color such as navy blue or forest green. The dark color will add depth and dimension to the space, making it feel more cozy and inviting.

A dark accent wall can also serve as a backdrop for artwork or other decorative elements, adding visual interest to the space.

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Container Designs

When it comes to shipping container home design ideas, the options are limited only by your imagination. With some creative modifications, you can achieve a unique aesthetic that makes your container home stand out.

One way to add style to your container home is through the use of exterior cladding. By adding this layer of material to the outside of the container, you can create a more visually appealing look. Showcase examples of well-designed containers with exterior cladding to inspire your own project.

Considering different materials for your container design can also have a big impact. Wood, metal, or fiber cement can all be used to add texture and visual interest to your container home.

Discuss the pros and cons of each material and provide examples of containers that have utilized them effectively.

Insulation and weatherproofing are important aspects of container home design. Talk about the various insulation options available and highlight the importance of weatherproofing techniques to ensure a comfortable living space.

Container homes may have limited square footage, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style or functionality.

Explore inspiring interior design ideas that maximize space, storage, and furniture solutions. Highlight examples of container homes that have effectively utilized creative use of space.

As you plan your container home, remember that functionality is key. Emphasize the importance of maximizing functionality in every aspect of your design, from the layout to the choice of furniture.

More Shipping Container Home Design Ideas

Roof Deck Possibilities

Incorporating roof decks in container home designs:

  • Roof decks are a popular addition to shipping container homes.
  • They maximize outdoor space and allow for additional functionalities.
  • Roof decks offer a unique perspective and can provide stunning views.

Discuss structural considerations and safety measures:

  • Retrofitting a roof deck requires proper engineering and reinforcement.
  • Professional expertise is essential to ensure the structural integrity of the container home.
  • Installing safety features such as railings and non-slip surfaces is crucial.

Highlight the advantages of rooftop spaces for relaxation and entertainment:

  • Rooftop decks provide a private oasis for leisure and relaxation.
  • They create an opportunity for social gatherings and entertaining guests.
  • With the right furnishings and accessories, rooftop spaces can be transformed into stylish outdoor living areas.

Examples of beautiful roof deck designs:

  • A waterfront container home featuring a spacious roof deck with lounge chairs and a built-in BBQ station.
  • A urban rooftop container home with a rooftop garden and cozy seating area.
  • A contemporary container home with a rooftop deck that offers panoramic views of the city skyline.

Exterior Enhancements

Looking to add some personality and style to your shipping container home? Here are some exciting ideas for enhancing the exterior:

Integration of Vertical Gardens and Green Walls

Add a touch of greenery and eco-friendliness to your shipping container home by integrating vertical gardens and green walls. These living walls not only improve the aesthetic appeal but also contribute to environmental sustainability.

Utilizing Natural Materials like Wood or Bamboo

Incorporating natural materials such as wood or bamboo can give your shipping container home a warm and inviting look. These materials blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment while adding a touch of natural beauty.

Incorporating Large Windows or Glass Doors

Maximize the panoramic views and allow plenty of natural light to flood in by incorporating large windows or glass doors. This not only creates a sense of openness but also connects the interior with the outdoor surroundings.

By implementing these exterior enhancements, you can take your shipping container home design to the next level, creating a stunning and sustainable living space.

Recycled Materials and Sustainable Construction

One of the remarkable aspects of shipping container home design is the use of recycled materials. These alternative housing solutions provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the creative use of repurposed materials.

From flooring to walls, container homes feature a wide range of recycled materials that give them a unique and eco-friendly appeal.

For example, reclaimed wood or salvaged tiles can be used for flooring, adding character and warmth to the interiors. Using recycled materials not only reduces construction waste but also promotes sustainable living.

By incorporating repurposed materials into the design, container homes help reduce the demand for new resources, minimizing the environmental impact. This approach aligns perfectly with the principles of eco-friendly living and sustainable construction.

In addition to recycled materials, sustainable construction techniques play a crucial role in container home design.

Energy-efficient solutions like solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems can be implemented to reduce reliance on traditional power sources and minimize water waste. These eco-conscious choices contribute to a more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle.

Proper insulation is another vital consideration in container home construction. Insulating the walls and roof effectively helps maintain a comfortable interior temperature year-round, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling.

Additionally, utilizing natural ventilation techniques can further enhance energy savings and promote better indoor air quality.

In conclusion, integrating recycled materials and deploying sustainable construction techniques are essential for creating functional and eco-friendly shipping container homes.

By prioritizing such factors, individuals can embrace a greener lifestyle while enjoying the unique and innovative design possibilities that these homes offer.

Inspiring Wood Flooring Ideas

A container home fitted with wooden floor design
A container home fitted with wooden floor design Courtesy: Pinterest

When it comes to creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your shipping container home, choosing the right flooring is essential.

Wood flooring not only adds warmth and character to your space but also provides a multitude of design possibilities. Here are some inspiring wood flooring ideas to consider for your container home:

Different Wood Flooring Options Suitable for Container Homes

  • Hardwood: A classic choice that offers timeless elegance and durability.
  • Bamboo: A sustainable option that is known for its strength and eco-friendliness.
  • Engineered wood: A cost-effective alternative that combines the look of real wood with enhanced stability.

Pros and Cons of Hardwood, Bamboo, or Engineered Wood

Each type of wood flooring has its own advantages and considerations. Hardwood flooring offers unparalleled beauty and can increase the value of your home.

However, it can be more susceptible to damage from moisture and may require regular maintenance. Bamboo flooring, on the other hand, is highly resistant to moisture and is an excellent choice for eco-conscious homeowners. Engineered wood provides stability and is less prone to warping or shrinking.

Considerations for Moisture Resistance and Durability

When selecting wood flooring for your container home, it’s important to consider its moisture resistance and durability.

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Container interiors may experience higher humidity levels, so opting for flooring options that are specifically designed to withstand moisture is essential.

Additionally, choosing wood flooring with a high durability rating will ensure it can withstand the wear and tear of daily life.

Showcasing Stylish Examples of Wood Flooring in Container Interiors

Take inspiration from these stylish container homes that have beautifully incorporated wood flooring into their interiors.

Whether it’s a sleek hardwood floor contrasting with modern furnishings or a rustic bamboo floor complementing a cozy living space, wood flooring adds a touch of elegance to any container home design.

By carefully considering the different wood flooring options available and weighing the pros and cons, you can create a stunning and functional flooring solution for your shipping container home.

Benefits of Decorating Your Container Home

1. Personalization

Personalization is important because it allows you to make your home feel like your own. It’s a space where you can express your personality and style, making it a place that truly feels like home.

By decorating your shipping container home, you can add your unique touch to the space, whether it’s through color schemes, artwork, or furniture choices. This will not only make the space feel more inviting, but it will also make it feel like it truly belongs to you.

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2. Functionality of Your Container Home Design

Functionality is also important when it comes to decorating your shipping container home. You can make the most out of your limited square footage by adding functional elements to your space, such as storage solutions or organizational systems.

This can include shelves, hooks, or even built-in storage solutions. Incorporating these functional elements into your decor can make your shipping container home feel more spacious and organized.

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3. Comfort From Your Container Home Design

Decorating your shipping container home can bring comfort and personalization to your living space. By adding your unique style and design elements, you can create a welcoming and warm home. This can include adding personal touches such as family photos, artwork, and plants to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Additionally, decorating your home can help make the most of the space by including storage solutions and functional decor to maximize your home’s functionality.

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4. Increased Property Value

A well-decorated home can make it more attractive to potential buyers, showing that the space has been well-maintained and is move-in ready.

By incorporating high-quality materials and finishes, you can create a beautiful and functional home, making it more valuable in the eyes of potential buyers.

Furthermore, decorating your home can also increase its curb appeal. For this reason, it will make it more attractive to potential buyers when they are first looking at the property.

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5. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a key consideration when decorating a shipping container home. Shipping containers are made of steel and naturally insulated, but adding additional insulation, such as spray foam or fiberglass, can increase energy efficiency.

Additionally, using energy-efficient lighting and appliances can help to reduce energy consumption and costs. By making energy-efficient choices in your decorating, you can help to keep your home comfortable and reduce your environmental impact.

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6. Increased Natural Light

Another benefit of decorating your shipping container home is added natural light. Many shipping containers are designed to be stacked, which can limit the amount of natural light that enters the home.

However, by adding windows or skylights, you can increase the natural light in your home, making it feel more open and full of space. Additionally, natural light can reduce the need for artificial light during the day, saving energy and costs.

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7. Increased Privacy

Decorating your shipping container home can provide several benefits that can enhance your overall living experience. One of the most significant benefits is increased privacy. Shipping container homes often make privacy a concern if not secured well.

By decorating your home with curtains, blinds, or other window treatments, you can control the amount of light and visibility that enters your home, creating a more private living space.

Additionally, you can use privacy screens or fencing to separate your outdoor living spaces from your neighbors. In a word, this will give you more control over your personal space.

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8. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Another benefit of decorating your shipping container home is improved indoor air quality. Shipping containers are made of steel, which can trap moisture and pollutants inside, leading to poor air quality.

By decorating your home with plants, you can introduce natural elements that can help to purify the air and improve the overall atmosphere.

Plants also have a calming effect on the mind, which can help to reduce stress and improve mental health. Furthermore, using natural materials such as wood and stone in your decor can also help to improve indoor air quality by introducing natural elements into your living space.

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9. Increased Storage

Decorating a shipping container home can provide additional storage space for items that would otherwise take up valuable square footage within the living areas.

For example, by adding shelves, cabinets, or even a custom-built storage unit, you can create a designated space for items such as books, dishes, or clothing.

This can free up room in other home parts, making it feel more spacious and organized. Additionally, decorating your shipping container home can allow you to incorporate built-in storage options, such as under-bed storage or built-in closets, which help maximize the use of space within the home.

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10. Increased Curb Appeal With Your Shipping Container Home Design

Shipping container homes can often look industrial or bland, but with a little creativity and effort, they can be transformed into beautiful, modern living spaces.

By adding a fresh coat of paint, installing new windows or doors, or even incorporating landscaping, you can give your shipping container home a fresh look that will impress.

Additionally, incorporating design elements such as lighting, artwork, and furniture can also help to add personality and charm to the home, making it stand out from the crowd.

Overall, decorating your shipping container home can improve its functionality and storage and increase its curb appeal, making it a more desirable and attractive place to live.

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Embracing the world of shipping container homes opens up a world of possibility. The advantages of these unique dwellings cannot be overstated.

Not only do they offer a cost-effective and sustainable living solution, but they also allow for immense creativity in design.

By utilizing recycled materials, implementing innovative construction techniques, and exploring inspiring wood flooring ideas, you can transform a utilitarian shipping container into a stunning and functional home.

We encourage you to take these design ideas and make them your own. Let your imagination soar, and create a living space that reflects your unique personality and lifestyle.

Whether you dream of a cozy cottage nestled in nature or a modern urban oasis, shipping container homes offer the flexibility and versatility to bring those dreams to life.

So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring the endless design possibilities of shipping container homes today. Your new home awaits!

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