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Affordable Homes In Defuniak Springs

To begin with, house hunting for affordable homes in Defuniak Springs is very tedious and needs a lot of attention to detail. This is very daunting, and having more detail about the area can come in handy.

All things considered, Defuniak Springs presents a refreshing alternative, boasting an array of affordable housing options for individuals and families alike.

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or simply searching for an affordable investment opportunity, Defuniak Springs offers a range of choices that cater to various budgets and preferences.

This article will explore the opportunities and benefits of owning an affordable home in this idyllic community. Discover everything about this city, including its livability, crime rate and some of the best builders available.

Are Defuniak Springs, FL, Safe?

Accordingly, if you’re considering relocating or purchasing affordable homes in Defuniak Springs, Florida, it’s natural to prioritize the safety of yourself and your family. Ensuring a secure living environment is crucial when making such decisions.

While Defuniak Springs experiences higher crime rates compared to cities of similar size, it does not necessarily imply an overall lack of safety.

The presence of areas within Defuniak Springs with elevated crime rates should be acknowledged, but it’s equally important to recognize the existence of neighborhoods with notably low crime rates.

The level of safety greatly varies depending on the specific location and community within Defuniak Springs. Fortunately, many parts of Defuniak Springs are safe havens for residents, ideal for raising a family.

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Is Defuniak Springs, FL, a Good Place to Live

While certain prospective homeowners may prioritize residing in a pedestrian-friendly urban setting brimming with amenities, others may find solace in the tranquillity of suburban streets, the serenity of nature, and the adjacency to open spaces.

The prospect of relying heavily on automobiles may be deemed unacceptable by some. In contrast, for others, a reasonable commute to their favored recreational spots may be nothing short of a cherished aspiration.

In light of these considerations, it is valuable to know the range of amenities accessible within a given neighborhood and the feasibility of accomplishing daily errands on foot.

Additionally, this place might be a fitting choice if you own an electric vehicle and seek residences close to electric vehicle charging stations.

Currently, there are many designated electric vehicle charging destinations in Defuniak Springs, FL, furnished with 5 DC fast charging points.

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Best Affordable Homes Builders in Defuniak Springs

Hightower Industries

These affordable home builders in Defuniak Springs are wholly committed to delivering unparalleled artistry, exceptional client care, and utmost satisfaction in their work.

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Whether it involves building a new roof, executing complete construction projects, conducting renovations, installing solar panels, or overseeing modest buildouts, their extraordinary team will readily assist you throughout the entire process, sparing you from undue burdens.

Moreover, they extend the convenience of in-house financing options while collaboratively engaging with your insurance provider.

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The Remodeling Solutions Group LLC

The primary objective of Remodeling Solutions Group LLC is to offer a service that reintroduces the essence of personalized interaction with customers.

Evidently, by delivering exceptional workmanship, they aim to establish enduring relationships that extend well beyond the initial project completion.

As a locally owned and operated Defuniak Springs affordable homes enterprise, they deeply value their clients and are committed to continuously pursuing customer satisfaction.

Additionally, their team is dedicated to providing budgetary options that align with your financial means, ensuring you discover the ideal home within your desired price range.

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Affordable Professional Home Improvements

Affordable Professional Home Improvements are experts in both indoor and outdoor painting. They offer comprehensive services, handling every aspect of a project from beginning to end.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction, these Defuniak Springs affordable homes builders leave no room for uncertainty. Their focus is on delivering high-quality work and providing excellent customer service.

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Emerald Coast Construction of NW Florida Inc

With a wealth of expertise spanning more than two decades, Emerald Coast Construction of NW Florida Inc is a prime choice for innovative and design-oriented endeavors.

Whether contemplating a renovation venture or constructing a new dwelling, this esteemed company emerges as your ideal companion.

Their areas of specialization encompass an array of services, including new home construction, home additions, bathroom remodeling, concrete pouring.

Additionally, more areas include deck and patio construction, siding installation, custom tile work, hurricane shutter installation, kitchen remodeling, home remodeling, as well as sunroom installation, and construction.

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Tool Time Buildings & Roofing

Tool Time Buildings & Roofing specializes in resolving storage challenges daily. Whether it’s the protective covering above your home or the shelter for your prized possessions, they offer assistance with a wide range of needs.

Without a doubt, this includes carports, RV covers, boat covers, portable storage buildings, permanent storage structures, decks, fences, screens rooms, sunrooms, awnings, and roofing.

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Best Examples of Affordable Homes in Defuniak Springs

39 Will Kelly Avenue, Defuniak Springs, FL 32433

Take notice of this recently painted dwelling boasting three bedrooms and one bathroom, complete with a brand-new air conditioning unit and water heater.

Situated just 1.5 miles away from Lake Defuniak in downtown Defuniak Springs, right off HWY 90, this charming cottage offers convenient proximity to HWY 331 and I-10.

The property includes an outdoor building and falls under the residential category, specifically a single-family detached home.

Further, it falls under the Walton County School District’s jurisdiction and features three bedrooms and one bathroom, covering an area of 864 square feet. The lot size measures 0.12 acres. This Defuniak Spring affordable home is listed at a price of $149,000.

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Timberline Elite Defuniak Springs Affordable Home by Destiny Homes

This exquisite affordable home in Defuniak Springs, skillfully constructed by Destiny Homes, showcases a generously proportioned living room that seamlessly connects to a sizable contemporary kitchen.

The kitchen has a convenient walk-in pantry with an ample dining area that can fit you and the whole family. At the rear exit, you’ll find a utility room, laundry area, and additional storage space.

The master bedroom is impressively spacious and offers a luxurious ensuite complete with a generously sized oval bathtub, a separate shower stall, dual China sinks, a secluded toilet area, and three generously sized secondary bedrooms, each equipped with walk-in closets and convenient access to the guest bathroom.

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798 Las Roblas Grande Dr, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

This impeccably maintained residence is in the most sought-after Santa Rosa Beach Area. The house features five bedrooms with a convenient bathroom on the first floor.

The attractive price tag for this property is a mere $665,000. It has two well-sized living spaces with ample relaxing and entertaining space.

The modern, impressive kitchen features an open floor plan that seamlessly flows into adjacent areas. Built-in 2018, this home is relatively new, ensuring its structural integrity and contemporary appeal. It is situated on a corner lot, offering added privacy and a sense of spaciousness.

The backyard is sizeable and well-maintained, with storage available for your convenience. Additionally, there is a screened-in patio complete with power outlets, perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

As a bonus, a dedicated 60-watt electrical connection is on the side of the house designed explicitly for RV charging.

Furthermore, a separate screened-in patio houses a hot tub with its 30-watt plug for enhanced safety. The location of this remarkable affordable home in Defuniak Spring is genuinely advantageous, with the State Park just a short nine-minute drive away.

Nonetheless, the beautiful beaches are within an eight-minute drive, and you’ll find various entertainment and shopping options just seven minutes away.

This delightful Defuniak Springs affordable home eagerly awaits its next fortunate owner, promising a tranquil and inviting living experience.

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Pros of Living in Defuniak Springs

1. Cost of Living

Living cost is very important before you move to a new city. In the case of Defuniak Springs, the expenses associated with day-to-day life are lower compared to the national average and many other cities within the state.

Although specific areas may exhibit higher costs in relation to statewide and nationwide standards, the average general expenses for housing, utilities, groceries, transportation, healthcare, and miscellaneous goods and services are relatively more affordable.

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2. Livability of Affordable Homes in Defuniak Springs

Defuniak Springs has an affordable homes livability score that surpasses the average mark. To get the livability of an area, you add up different data points and other factors related to the city.

After adding everything up, you have to weigh these option to the average quality of life, then you compare it to other cities you feel has a good livability record.

The livability score considers education, crime rates, cost of living, and the general happiness of residents, all of which are calculated using advanced statistical models to provide a predictive index.


3. Quality Education in Defuniak Springs and Affordable Homes

If your child attends school in the Defuniak Springs district, you’ll be happy to know that the schools within this district are performing better across the state.

This means that if you have a child within this district, they are assured of quality education and co-curricular activities.

The area boasts commendable graduation rates at various educational levels. A good number of students enrolled, an appropriate ratio of teachers to students, and additional programs.

These ratings are designed to assist school districts and parents assess their academic performance. However, as a parent, you should actively engage in your child’s education and quality of learning in their schools.

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Cons of Living in Affordable Homes in Defuniak Springs

1. Population Size

The town has only 6,227 people living there, making it quite small. Surveys indicate that the economic situation in smaller towns is generally more challenging compared to larger cities.

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2. High Crime Rate in Defuniak Springs Affordable Homes

The overall crime rate in Defuniak Springs is higher than the national and state averages. Most crime rates witnessed in this area are violent crimes and property crimes.

Some violent crimes are aggravated assaults, rapes, and murder. On the other hand, property crimes here are things such as theft and arson. Similarly, property crimes, including theft and arson, are more prevalent in Defuniak Springs.

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In conclusion, Defuniak Springs stands out as a beacon of opportunity for those seeking affordable homes.

With its lower cost of living, welcoming community, and many housing options, this city in Florida provides a viable path to achieving the dream of owning a home.

Remember, there is no place without an issue, and Defuniak Springs has its own. One key issue that stands out is the crime rate.

So, before deciding, ask yourself if you are comfortable moving to this city. Well, this is up to you to decide on you a homeowner.

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