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Top 15 Best Solar Powered Home Designs And Their Cost

Solar powered home designs have become a timely topic of conversation regarding saving money on electricity. There are many different designs that you can choose from when you design or remodel your home with solar panels.

You can have solar panels designed into your home’s roof or build a greenhouse to provide extra sunlight for the panels to maximize the amount of electricity you can generate. The following are the 15 best solar-powered homes and their cost.

1. Gibsonia, Pennsylvania Residence

This solar powered home design has an impressive footprint and would not be suitable for urban settings. It is surrounded by vegetation and belongs in the middle of nature, far from city life. In June 2014, 56 x 275W monocrystalline solar panels were installed on its rooftop.

The system includes 15.4 kW of total power and SMA inverters made by SMA America.

The roof held up under the weight of so many panels, and aesthetics were a priority throughout. The house’s wood construction combines straight lines with round curves for an appealing effect.

The house has plenty of windows and a screened porch to make the connection between indoors and outdoors. The house was constructed on a tiny hill, resulting in uneven heights.

Best solar company in the US Gibsonia, Pennsylvania Residence
Gibsonia, Pennsylvania Residence

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Rhododendron Solar Powered Home Design

In this house, solar panels aren’t installed on the roof because of its shape, but you could install them on a carport, a separate garage, or even just put them out on your lawn if there was plenty of land around your house.

This spacious and modern design offers 2-3 bedrooms, depending on your preference. At approximately 1,500 square feet, it costs at least $250,000 and can go up to as much as $400k for the turnkey price.

This design saves you up to $1,000 a year in energy bills. The porch is optional, and so are the windows and doors that improve efficiency.

Rhododendron Solar House
Rhododendron Solar House

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Highland Solar House

The design of this house is simple and contemporary. You can alter the floor plan to fit your needs: 1,670 – 2,170 square feet. The solar array will save you $1,000 to $2,000 per year on your energy bills!

Windows can be customized to suit the climate in which you live, as well as provide ventilation for indoor air and a classic look.

The shell price of the house is between $255,000 and $300,000, but if you want to buy it finished, what is known as a turnkey property, expect to pay at least twice that much.

The house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room with kitchen space, and a laundry area. The yard includes an enclosed foyer and a front porch measuring 48 square feet.

Highland Solar House
Highland Solar House

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Ridgeline Solar Powered Home Design

This design also helps you save money on energy, about $1,200 per year. This modern house measures about 1,600 sq ft and costs at least $300K. The turnkey range is between $320K–420K

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The house has 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, and a huge standard room with ample kitchen space. You can upgrade to include a mudroom for an additional cost.

The WebTec system, double-stud walls, and Typar house wrap will keep this model energy efficient if needed. The windows are chosen depending on climate conditions.

Ridgeline Solar House
Ridgeline Solar House

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Corte Madera, California Residence

This house has multiple gables and a 2-car garage. The exterior showcases various types of siding that combined give it a unique appearance, brick, vinyl, and cement, each in its own shade of brown.

The multiple solar panels on this family’s roof provide all of the energy needed for their home, which is especially useful in a state like California that relies heavily upon alternative power sources.

In the summer, energy bills can skyrocket when your air conditioning is running full-bore, and you probably won’t make it through a Texas heat wave without using your air conditioner. But now that you’ve installed solar panels on your roof, the sun’s free power will cut down those costs considerably.

Corte Madera, California Residence with one of the best solar roofs
Corte Madera, California Residence

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Ventura, California Solar Powered Residence

This small house includes a 2-car garage; in 2010, it was turned into a solar home. The system comprises 30 x 235W monocrystalline panels that produce enough energy for the entire building and charge its resident’s electric vehicle (EV).

The system’s total power is 4.2 kW, so besides getting rid of energy bills and charging your electric car, you save on all costs associated with gas.

The sun generates power for your car and any other electric appliance in your house, it may sound futuristic, but it’s doable today. The future is here now!

Ventura, California Residence with solar panels on the roof
Ventura, California Residence

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Marnella, Oregon Residence

This 2-story house has an attic and no garage, so if you own a car, you will have to build a carport or park your vehicle on the driveway.

Suppose you want to build a home or cabin in the mountains and want to rely on something other than the local power grid. In that case, solar panels are an excellent way of generating your own electricity, provided that there is enough sunlight for them.

You don’t have to live in it; you can rent out the house and make money that way. The design helps because the place looks like something from a mountain tourist town, even though this one is far away from any such area.

Marnella, Oregon Residence
Marnella, Oregon Residence

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Shea, Arizona Residence

This house, like many in its neighborhood, has solar panels. It’s good to see more and more families embracing this way of life – whether for economic or environmental reasons. Photovoltaic panels are a solid investment for the arid climate of Arizona (the state was even named after an ancient Southwestern tribe!).

Despite the state’s reputation for sunny weather, the windows in this house are relatively small and do not let much natural light in.

This one-story house has cement siding, unlike American houses that typically have wooden exteriors. Its covered entrance is a feature you only sometimes see in the US because homeowners prefer porches.

Shea, Arizona Residence
Shea, Arizona Residence

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South Boston, Virginia Residence

This home sits on a 58 acres property and covers 2,080 square feet. The estimated cost of this house is between $950,000 to $1,250 thousand, with several solar panels installed on the rooftop.

The design makes it possible to look out at your surroundings from any spot in the house, whether you’re enjoying a quiet moment on the screened porch or entertaining guests during an exciting morning.

Domestic water is heated with solar power and radiant floor systems, which consume less energy than traditional heating methods. A/C units are also Energy Star rated to maximize energy efficiency.

South Boston, Virginia Residence
South Boston, Virginia Residence

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North Carolina Solar Powered Home Design

The solar thermal panels on the rooftop of this house heat domestic water, and a radiant floor system radiates warmth.

The solar panels were installed with great care and consideration of the other aesthetic elements of the house so as not to interfere with their design. This makes for an elegant front view: columns, balcony rails, and tall windows are all held in place by strong frames.

The natural stone on the front wall and at the base of columns is a good match for the stone path that leads around an upscale yard. The overall effect has a rustic yet classy air; this house would fit perfectly in Beverly Hills if it weren’t located here instead!

Solar panels on the roof of a North Carolina House
North Carolina House

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Cannon Beach, Oregon Residence

This design is for you if you want to stand out among other people. It will make your company look trendy and unique.

The unique look of this design leaves you wondering about the people who enjoy life in the middle of the woods, and it didn’t pose any problems during installation.

The house was built with sustainable materials, including FSC-certified wood, fly-ash and reclaimed timbers. A green roof provides insulation, water absorption, and a nice view!

Although grass is not very visible from this angle, you can see some plants on the rooftop. The heating system relies on 5.9 kW of power generated by PV panels, and so does the electrical system in the house.

Cannon Beach, Oregon Residence with solar roof
Cannon Beach, Oregon Residence

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Earthship Farmstead Solar Powered Home Design

The homeowners wanted a roof that their sheep could eat on, and the designers integrated this request into their project. Whether or not you have any sheep, though, don’t worry! You can still get your green roof for aesthetic purposes.

The barn’s roof has a 12kW photovoltaic array, ensuring the entire house is powered. This design’s energy efficiency level is quite rare: heating costs only $500 per year.

The windows and doors have triple glazing, thermally broken frames, a heat pump for heating and cooling, and an energy recovery ventilator, ensuring fresh air is always supplied to the living spaces.

Earthship Farmstead solar powered home
Earthship Farmstead

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Seattle, Washington Solar Powered Residence

This 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath home boasts a garage, shop, and rooftop photovoltaic array, providing enough energy for the entire household to run smoothly.

The decks and patios allow for outdoor activities. The unconventional shape of this house makes it suitable for those who want to stand out but not blend in with their neighbors.

Seattle, Washington Residence enjoying solar power
Seattle, Washington Residence

Southern California Solar House

This luxury solar powered house is designed for high-earning individuals who want to live in green, nonpolluting surroundings. This house demonstrates that it can live luxuriously without damaging the environment.

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The photovoltaic panels, despite being hidden from view on the rooftop of this home, are intended to generate electricity for use within. The huge deck and pool offer areas where occupants can spend time outside comfortably and conveniently.

Southern California Solar House
Southern California Solar House

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Santa-Rosa, California Residence

This solar powered home design comprises 24 monocrystalline black panels that each provide 280W and have a total power output of 6.72 kW. The system used an SMA inverter and was installed on November 2015 on a concrete tile roof.

The house consists of many gables and rooflines. A screened porch is attached, but it’s quite small. The garage fits only one car, though you might be able to squeeze in another if needed. In fact, the windows are relatively small for such a large space.

The house’s design stands out partly because of its use of natural stone and an actual chimney, which creates a refreshing contrast to modern homes built with drywall. The colors blend well, as you would expect to see in a suburban neighborhood home.

Santa-Rosa, California Residence
Santa-Rosa, California Residence

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Benefits of Solar Powered Home Designs

Solar Powered Homes Saves Lots of Money

Going solar means you’re no longer paying for electricity from your utility company. You’re still paying for that electricity. But now it’s coming from your own solar panels instead of being pulled from the grid.

And because solar panels are so efficient at generating energy, they can produce much more power than your household needs during a typical day. In effect, that excess energy goes back into the electric grid. In turn, it’s credited to your account as “solar credits” — essentially money in the bank.

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Increase Your Property Value

If you live in an area where energy is getting expensive, installing a solar panel system would make sense. Many people are interested in buying houses with this feature because it helps them save money on their utility bills and increases their property value.

If you are looking to sell your house soon or are planning to build a new house, installing solar panels is one way of increasing its value. You’ll also ensure that people know that they can get free energy from your home once they buy it from you.

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Solar Powered Home Designs Contribute to a Better Environment

Another benefit of having a solar powered home is that it contributes to a better environment. Solar panels do not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere as other energy sources do. This means that you are contributing towards reducing global warming effects on our planet’s ecosystem.

You do this by using these panels instead of fossil fuels or coal, which release carbon dioxide into our atmosphere when burned for energy production.

Freedom from Centralized Grids

Solar powered home designs produce electricity when the sun is shining. This means you can use it at any time of day or night. You don’t need to wait for the power company to deliver it. Neither do you have to worry about your neighbors’ usage affecting your supply.

You are free from utility bills and unpredictable price hikes. In addition, you’ll save thousands of dollars over the life of your system by avoiding monthly payments and maintenance costs.

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If you are thinking about saving money on lighting or heating bills, or renovating your outdated home and making it eco-friendly, then these best solar powered home designs can help you make a well-planned home.

With the help of architects and designers, you can build houses that will make you feel comfortable and look great.

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